Friday, July 18, 2008

The Facts of Life

Doug and I were tagged so here's six random facts about us.

1-We are one of those rare missionary success stories (kind of). We met our freshman year at BYU in the good old Heritage Halls (Carroll 176 and Penrose (213 I think? - is that right Erin?)). I was impressed by his cute Yankees visor and that he was from American "Fark" and that he played soccer. I was able to impress him the night we met with my tremendous soccer skills by breaking a lamp in our lobby as our RA was passing through. I'm pretty sure that was the moment he knew he had to have me. I was a semi-faithful waiter (lucky for me I was still here when he got home) and we were married about a year later after his return.

2-We are evil and let our 2 year old play with our digital camera. It's just a camera after all and we're pretty sure she's done the worst of the damage so far. She was playing with Lilly in her room the other day and then came out and said, "Lilly looks so funny. I'm going to take a picture of her." So she did and I think it turned out okay.Unfortunately, that cute picture taker is also a biter. She really hasn't taken a bite in awhile (I thought she had really learned her lesson the last time she bit me or Lilly) but she had a mishap today at my mom's. I'm not quite sure how it all played out but I do know that Lilly's leg looked like this when I got home. She got her good.
3.Much to our surprise our little Lilly was not a carbon copy of her big sis. She's a blue-eyed blondie that we're pretty sure takes after her cousins Bruce and Kate. Doug and I are both brown-eyed and I'm still blown away every time I look at those bright blues. She's sure cute though and I'll keep her none the less!4. One of Sophia's favorite places in the whole world is Grandma's house. My nice mom has been watching my girls a lot lately while I fill in for some girls on vacation and maternity leave. Anytime we go to my mom's regardless of whether I'm dropping them off to go to work or not Sophia always asks when I'm going to leave. I think that it's about time I quit for good! My mom bought this awesome water toy for Sophia to play with last week and she's had a fabulous time! She strips down to get into her swimsuit every time we walk in the door. 5. Doug and I really like to eat food. He particularly likes ice cream and anything with peanut butter (or a combination of the two). I could pretty much go for bread and chocolate anytime of the day. Unfortunately, we have a bad habit of eating too much too late at night. It's something we're working on and I think we're getting better. Right hun?

6.We are registered to run a half-marathon on August 23 (Sophia's 3rd birthday). I'm not sure we're going to make it because of the lack of training we've been experiencing thanks to ongoing weird illnesses and overall laziness. We hope to be able to make it and are still going to try even if we have to stop and walk every few miles. We'll see how it turns out. Wish us luck!


The Ullery Family said...

Just so you know, I think you are amazing parents, I love the water toy, and tell Doug. "YOU CAN DO IT!" when it comes to the race. Thanks again for last night!

Jess said...

Good Luck you big stud buckets, from Tay and I!

JJ Evans said...

Let me know how the half-marathon goes so I know what to expect when we run ours!! Good luck!