Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's roots

So I went to change the laundry today and hang something up in the bathroom next door and noticed that the tub was backed up with sewage. We've had this problem before and have had the toilet replaced in that bathroom downstairs. I called the plumber and he said it was probably a problem with the main sewer. He told me to place a claim with the homeowners insurance company so that it would be covered (which we only have until the beginning of August!) and then he'd send someone out. The guy came out and ran a 100 foot snake through a drain in our roof. He said he used just about the whole length of the snake before he found the blockage so he figured it was about 100 ft away from our house. He also said that the problem was roots. Supposedly roots can get into your pipes! Who knew? Apparently everyone has holes in their pipes from roots. He cleared it out but said that there is no way to solve the problem for good unless we chop all our trees down (and all the ones that are in the 100 foot radius too I guess). He said most people have them come and do this once a year and that we should just keep an eye on things to see if it happens again. I sure hope it doesn't!

I seriously can't tell you how tired I am of all our house issues! If I seriously had known I would have thought twice about this whole home owner thing. Before we moved here we felt so good about our decision. I kept feeling like I was moving here for a reason and that it was what I needed to do all though I had no idea why. Apparently the Lord knew I wasn't being tested enough in Provo and that I needed some additional testing. I definitely have learned something from living here even if it's not what I had in mind. Hopefully the problem is solved for now (knock on wood) and we'll be done with house issues for awhile. I seriously wish I would not have complained so much about my life when things were good and normal and we were doing the same routine everyday. I would kill for those days to be back again!


Melissa said...

Thanks for the bad luck. About an hour ago after doing a days worth of laundry, the bathtub in our house started backing up! What the heck! I think our houses like to play the same tricks on each other. Call it "sisterly love" (watch out Liza!). I know the plumber is going to say "roots" too because that is what he said last summer when we did the same thing. Those dang trees! Too bad they are too beautiful and provide too much shade. Looks like we needed to have this done every year too. Crappity crap. I'll let you know how it goes.

Nancy said...

Ya, sometimes owning things is more hastle than its worth. But just think of the neighbors who are not living above or beneath and make lots of noise just because you can!