Monday, July 28, 2008

Wonderful Wales Weekend

We had such a fun time in Wales this last weekend celebrating Pioneer Day. We went down Wednesday evening and came back Saturday afternoon. It was so fabulous! Thursday morning we went to the parade in Fairview. It was awesome. You always get a ton of candy and sprayed down with the fire hose. It's great. Doug even came away with a free T-shirt. He had to fight off a few kids for it but he came out victorious. It really was so funny to see all the kids fighting for taffy and tootsie rolls. Sophia had a great time although we wish she would have been a little more aggressive in the candy department.

Everyone waiting for the parade to start.
Sophia patiently waiting for another candy toss.
Lilly enjoying the parade under some shade.
Aside from the awesome parade and museum in Fairview, we also had a yummy dutch over dinner and we did some fireworks on the 25th. Carson kept making this silliest face. He loved the fireworks!We had about a hundred snakes leftover from the 4th and so we decided to light them all up at once. Here they are when we first lit them up.Here they are mid burn.Here's the end result.
Sophia and Bridger got a hold of the camera and took some good carbon copies of each other.They also got a hold of the entire bubble container while they were blowing bubbles and they created a slip and slide on the patio. They were having a fabulous time until they were discovered. It really was pretty slippery and Sophia had a hard time keeping her balance. It was pretty funny to watch. We're just glad she didn't crack her head open on the concrete.

Lilly did the best job getting in some good rest while we were there.Doug also had a good time and was able to get some relaxing in. Overall we had a fabulous weekend and we were grateful for the opportunity to get away. We love the Wales house!


Mike & Lauren said...

Oh, I love that house! Looks like you had a great time. Is that yellow pack and play cover homemade or store bought? I need to get me some of those.

Melissa said...

It sounds like a great weekend- Whales is the best. So fun. Good work sophie with the bubbles. It seems every time I open up a bottle it all gets spilled somewhere eventually. Love the picture of her. So cute. Way to go with the t-shirt and I good candy grabbing too.

The Favorite said...

I've seen Doug in action at those parades (Health Days...) when he wants candy or a T-shirt, he gets it! Cute pics of your girls, we'll come blow bubbles too soon.

The Mathews Four said...

Eeekkkk! We were totally at the Fairview parade! It's so small... why didn't we run into each other? *hee hee* I think this made the 7th (?) year that we've gone. Sanpete's fun little secret. I know it's hard to even imagine... but did the parade seem smaller to you this year?
P.S. Looks like a way fun weekend you guys had!

The wifey said...

Oh, Fairview. We didn't make it down for pioneer days this year. Glad you could go and represent for us.