Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Halloween Fun!

Sorry I've been so blog happy lately! I had to post a few quick pics of my silly Halloween kids. When I went to pick up Sophia from Preschool yesterday she looked like this:I laughed so hard. Apparently they had learned about spiders and she spent the rest of the afternoon singing "The Big Crawly Spider" to the tune of the itsy-bitsy one. It was hillarious. Her preschool is the best and we are looking forward to the deer hunt... I mean "fall break" tomorrow!

The real reason why I had to post was because Lilly's costume came today:Is she the cutest million dollar baby you've ever seen?!

Here's a bonus of the Lillers. I found her like this yesterday. Apparently she's learned something from watching Sophia color so much. I love how big she thought she was while she was "coloring". She just scribbled and scribbled over and over. It was so cute. She is definitely growing up too fast.


Melissa said...

Cute million dollar baby!! Where is the other Lillers picture?? That is such a cute hat sophie! I can totally picture you singing your cute song. Such fun girls!!

Nancy said...

You guys come up with the best costumes!!! I love the Halloween spirit that is coming around. I better hurry and decide what Josh is going to be. Sorry I haven't got a hold of you since we've been home. We should get together sometime though and have some fun. I'll give you a call soon, for sure!

The Favorite said...

Did you make the money bag costume? My friend wants her little girl to be a bag of money too.