Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Happy Halloween and other Randomness

We had such a fun time at the Ivins Halloween Party this past weekend. Doug even one a prize for the Craziest Costume. No one could really tell what he was unless he was holding Lilly. I thought it turned out pretty cute. His family goes all out at these parties and it's so fun. Here's a picture of Lilly enjoying a cookie before the party.Here's the contest winners. Notice the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. His costume was awesome. Doug's aunt that's standing behind Doug was Hannah Montana. Her costume was great too.Doug's aunt and uncle were nuns and his grandma was a cheerleader. Their costumes were hilarious.Before the party we pressed apples at my parents. That's always a great time. Thomas did a good job manning the press this year.
Last weekend we watched Doug's sisters kids. I found Doug reading them all a story and couldn't help but take a picture. What a great guy.A few weekends ago we went down to the old red barn in Santaquin to go to the pumpkin patch. The girls had a great time on the hayride. We came home to eat cheesy broccoli soup in these yummy pumpkin bread bowls.We also welcomed Doug and his brother JD home from the hunt last week. I think this is one of Doug's favorite things in the world to do. Here's what JD came out with:We made Doug a welcome home sign and Sophia did a great job helping. It's kind of hard to see (maybe you can see it if you enlarge it) but she added and H and i before and after the we and she did a pretty good job writing "daddy" (or drawing musical notes?).
Here's some more randomness:
The cute Lillers with two piggies!
Lilly has also discovered she loves the Elmo chair and could stay in it for hours. Thanks again Lissa!We had a Halloween party for Activity Days last week and had a fabulous time. We have a crazy but fun group of girls.And finally, this is not part of my Halloween costume. This is what happens when you edge the grass with flip-flops on. Not a good idea. At least it wasn't the lawnmower!


Mike & Lauren said...

Owie, Jo! Hope your foot heals fast. Lilly is such a big girl with her piggies, and such a cute bag of moola!

Okay, you HAVE to tell me how you made those bread bowls. I was planning to make bread bowls & soup for a friend that just had her baby, so perfect timing! I love having friends with great ideas. :)

David and Leda Johnson said...

Thank you so much for putting picks up! I LOVE seeing all that's going on at home! The party, grandma as a cheerleader...look at those legs!...J.D.'s deer and all your cute kids! I always get homesick when I see all the pictures but I love them so keep em coming!

Miki said...

Hey Joanna...

You are welcome to steal our costume idea. I emailed you the files for the check, if you don't get it then let me know because I would obviously have the wrong email address. Without looking it was something like jmwilkins10@yahoo, I think.

Sarah said...

Love the pictures. Looks like you guys are as busy as us.

Nancy said...

You guys always have so many fun things going on! I love the costumes. Looks like a crazy party! Now for Thanksgiving and your #5 anniversary, right?!