Friday, June 27, 2008


What a tremendously fabulous day we had yesterday! Thanks for getting married Leda and David! We were so happy that we could be part of the big day! I apologize for the numerous amount of pictures that are on this post but there were too many fun ones to chose from! This is also for President Wilkins whose presence was greatly missed yesterday! I wanted him to be able to see it all.

For us the day started the day before when I made the Alfredo sauce and grilled and sliced 30 pounds of chicken (thanks again for helping mom!) for the luncheon. That night we went to drop the food off at the church. We then helped set up a little bit, ran to the store for some last minute items, and then went up to Sandy to stay at my brother Jason's. When we got to Sandy at around 11:30 pm we realized we'd left formula for Lilly in the truck at Kimber's so I ran to the store again and we finally went to bed just after midnight. Our kids woke up at 4 and didn't fall asleep again until around 5. We were supposed to get up at 5:45 because Doug had to be at the Salt Lake Temple at 7 because he was a witness. I changed the time on the alarm but never actually set the alarm so we woke up at 6:20, hurried and got ready and rushed to the temple. Good thing we decided to stay in Sandy the night before!

We made it to the temple and their sealing was exceptional. It seriously was the best sealing I've been too. They were given so much good advice and everything they were told was exactly what you need to hear on your wedding day. The happy couple coming out of the temple.

Don't they look so happy!(and a little bit tired?)A sibling and mom pictureA laughing sibling picture
Her gorgeous bouquet (what are those little brownish green balls Lauren?)
A close up of the bouquet
Doug took this picture of the tabernacle with temple reflecting off of it. Cool huh?

After snapping a few (hundred) pics Doug and I picked up our kids and then went to the church to get ready for the luncheon. We had offered to cater it for Leda a few months ago and we were so happy that she agreed to let us. We had fettuccine, grilled chicken, Alfredo and marinara sauce, ceasar salad, rolls, chocolate cake and root beer in honor of President Wilkins. We had a lot of helpers and it went fabulously. After eating the parents said a few words and Doug's brother JD read a letter to Leda from her dad. We all balled our eyes out. It was so sweet. You could tell Leda truly missed her dad being there and it was neat to see and feel just a little part of the wonderful relationship they have with each other.This is how they set up the tables for the luncheon. Eat place setting was complete with it's own pear. Cute huh?
The remains of the buffet.
The happy couple after being fed. This picture was taken just after JD had read the letter so don't mind the red eyes.
She had a kids table set up for the naky babies with different activities they could do. Again, so cute!Here's a close up of one of their gorgeous centerpieces.
After the luncheon I dropped Doug and the girls off Kimber's for naps. I then ran to Jenna's and picked up about 20 (I think) cheesecakes and 9 bags of I and took them to the reception. I then helped set up there and then we took more pictures. Their reception was at the Cedar Hills Golf Course and it was stunning! They did the cutest things to decorate too. Instead of a guest book they had everyone sign a rock that they put in a big glass bowl to admire later. Instead of a video they hung a string on one of the walls and clipped pictures to it in chronilogical order. On the tables they had their gorgeous centerpieces filled with pears, plums, hydrangeas, and calla lillies. They also had little "getting to know you" cards that had things like "When did David and Leda go on their first date" or "What is David's favorite thing about Leda" complete with the answers (her smile is his favorite by the way). It was so cute!
The gorgeous cake courtesy of Jenna. She did a fabulous job and it was so yummy!Our happy family all dressed up for the occasion. The photographer could not get enough of Lilly. He was taking pictures of her all night.
Heading back into the reception after taking pictures.The string of pictures.The sign in (or "sign a rock") table.Sophia enjoying her cheesecake.Grandma Wilkins with all her grandbabies.The bride with all her naky babies.
Sophia spent the majority of the reception playing outside with cousin Bridger. They are seriously two peas in one pod. She loves him so much and they always have such a great time together. When we were coming home the other day from playing with cousins I said, "you love your cousins don't you." She said, "no mom. I love Bridger!"
Cousins playing in the rocks.
We then saw the happy couple off to San Francisco for their honeymoon. Overall it was a fabulous day and I think we're all doing a good job recovering today!

Here's the happy couple heading off to their wonderful life together!
Here's Sophia driving Grandpa's truck while the rest of us were cleaning up.

Ye Old Willow

This post is for the Miller crew. Here's the pics mom promised from the old willow tree. It is quite spectacular to see in person. Sorry D, mom said the guy only found a stuffed animal - no He-mans or retainers. I on the other hand, found a petrified squirrel - ewwwwww! Liza, do you think it was your pet squirrel Xavier? I'm pretty sure we buried him up there. Anywho, I thought it was an impressive site. Look at the circumference on those logs! Let me know how many shellacked wall clocks you'll need for Christmas gifts and I'll start working!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Year Older and Wiser too...

What a week we've had! On Tuesday Grandma Wilkins came into town for Leda's wedding! We haven't seen her in 2 years and so it was so fabulous to see her again! She looks great and it's so fun to have here for a few weeks. Here's the kiddos waiting for her arrival. Here she is coming to greet us all!
On Thursday we celebrated my birthdays at Jenna's house. Her son James and I share the same birthday and it's a lot of fun to have a birthday buddy. My good friend Tiffany also had a baby on that day so now I have another birthday buddy! Here's a picture of the cute Kinley London Quintero herself. Thank you to all who gave me such fun presents and happy birthday wishes (the facebook ones were especially fun to read!). My awesome and cute sister Melissa did this cute post on her blog. I will admit that I was not too pleased about some of the pictures she posted. Especially the wisdom teeth pic - thanks again for that sista! Jenna gave me my own personalized Pyrex pan. I love it!
We also celebrated Leda's birthday that was at the end of May. Jenna gave her a pan as well with her new name on it and she was ecstatic about it! She was bummed when she saw mine and thought she'd never get one because she wasn't married yet. Good thing Jenna had this surprise up her sleeve.Here's a few of Willers with her favorite cute cousin McKenna. They're a month apart and they have so much fun when they're together!Here's the Willers with Grandma Wilkins.
The day after my birthday we went to the zoo because we've been promising Sophia that we'd go for weeks. We woke up and I went for a quick run (something that I hadn't done in 2 months but I needed it after eating too much of delicious Peanut Butter Playground cake from Cold Stone) and noticed that we'd left a sprinkler on all night. It wasn't on very high so I didn't think much of it. Doug went downstairs to get some clothes and noticed that our basement had flooded because of the sprinkler. We didn't have standing water or anything but the carpet was totally soaked! Only half of the front room in our basement and our laundry room had water damage. We quickly pulled up the carpet and got fans going to get the mat dry. It's pretty much dry now but we're going to have to have a professional come to re-lay our carpet. What fun times we're having in our house! Anyway, we ended up making it to the zoo eventually but didn't stay for too long because it was so hot and crowded! We went to eat the Cheesecake Factory after and then we were going to go see the new Narnia movie but the last show was at 2:55 pm so we just came home. Here's a picture of Sophia at the bird show at the zoo. Yesterday we had a bridal shower for Leda. Here she is with her good friend Angie who is also getting married this summer.
Bonus picture time! Sophia took these pictures (as well as about 100 others) of herself. She's sure getting good at the self portraits!
The other day she came up to me looking like this and said, "Look! I'm like Super Why!". Then she proceeded to run around while pretending to fly. We sure love that show.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's that time again!

Time to empty the camera again and give you all the latest from our way exciting lives in P-town.Here's Lilly showing you all how much of a good eater she is.
This last weekend we decided to take a trip to Wales. It was so fun and Sophia entertained herself on the way down by reading some really exciting books.
No your eyes do not deceive you. We are at an honest to goodness drive in! It's the Basin Drive In in Mt. Pleasant and I'm pretty sure it's the only ones left in Utah. We saw the new Indiana Jones movie and it was a pretty good time. Growing up with a Drive In in my backyard I saw many a movie at the good 'ole Pioneer Twin. It seriously took me back although I must say I'm pretty sure I've had my fill for the next little while.
Here we are all piled in to the front seat (Lilly was in the back sleeping) waiting for the show to start. This picture also shows my new haircut I got on Friday (I don't know if you can tell very well). I got it highlighted again and had a few inches cut off. I like it although I'm trying to get used to the whole bangs look.
Happy Father's Day! We had a fabulous day today and we are so lucky to have such a great daddy in our home! Here is daddy with his girls after a great day at church today. We are also so lucky to have such great father's in our lives - near and far we love you both!
The other night when the girls were going to bed I went to check on Lilly and found that Sophia had filled her bassinet with blankets to the brim. This picture doesn't do it justice but she shoved her comforter and number of other blankets on top of Lilly. I guess she was pretty cold.
This picture is for Liza. Lilly wanted to show you how she's such a big girl and can hold her bottle all by herself!
I don't know why this picture is sideways, but here's how Sophia fell asleep the other night. For some reason she didn't want to sleep in her bed so she moved herself to the floor and conked out.
Hooray for summer and hiking in the mountains! Here we are getting ready to hike the Grotto again!
Here's a picture of a bite I got while hiking the Grotto. I don't know if you can see how big it really was. It was the size of Sophia's head! Okay, so it wasn't really that big but it was totally big and puffy and was seriously about 4 inches in diameter. It was the worst bite I've had in awhile.

Finally, here's a video of the funnest water attraction in P-town. No swimsuits necessary. We're pretty sure it's Cryptosporidium free too. Sophia had such a fun time doing this! We just barely ordered another fun water attraction online so I'm sure she'll have fun playing in that!