Monday, March 16, 2009

It's that time again

This is for you Amy T. I told you I would put this stuff on here. This last weekend was another amazing DCWV warehouse sale. I came home with way to much but it was all so cheap and it was such fun stuff! I got this vinyl lettering for $3 and already had a board so I painted it and got it all ready to go. I got a couple other vinyl sayings for about $2 each!

I also got these frames for $1 they had some cheesy baby saying so I took it out and replaced it with their names. The chip board letters were $0.25 for 3 letters! Lilly's is a little light but other than that I love them! Here's some other shots of some decor I've been doing lately. I found these drapes on clearance at K-mart and I thought they were a great compliment to the valences I created. Sorry the picture is a little blurry. You get the main idea though.
I finally got the vinyl I won from giveaway today. It was from this cute site. If you look at her cute site I got a small topiary, an owl, a few flowers, love birds, a BOO! sign and I think that's it. Here's a few of what I've put up already. This one is above our closet... And this one's in the bathroom.
Here's a few shots of the cuties in my life. I love when these two do this together (end up in their room togther playing or reading books...quietly...). Moments like this are rare in our house and so they must be documented.And when these two do this together. Lazy Sunday afternoons are the best! Finally, Lilly put these on last night to show uncle Jeffy. She was a pretty good sport about it but was not to fond of keeping them on. At one point in the night they fell off and we were all so worried that she wouldn't be able to hear anything the rest of the night. What a silly girl!


Jennifer Lyn said...

So cute! You are always so crafty! I love your addition to your valences. Looks great! And we are still on for Tuesday.

ottspot said...

The names came out soooo cute! Made me wish I had bought a bunch of letters to do the same thing with when I need a baby gift.

amy said...

Thanks! I feel honored. I did come looking at your blog to see if there were some pics. of your cute things. And I was able to be awed once again. Way cute things. I like what you did with the cute frames, good thinkin.

I also really love those times when Maya and Tyler are playing together! Ahh, it's bliss, if only it weren't for longer. :)

Nancy said...

I love it all. What good deals you found! I like the splish splash saying. So how are you feeling these days? I hope the recovery is complete. Even if it is, take it easy cause you deserve it.