Monday, November 29, 2010

The Big Purge

Time for another picture purge!

Here's a beautiful princess taking a minute to talk on her phone. And another beautiful snow princess. My sister gave me this dress for Lilly and I was excited to use it again!

Here's our girls raking/shoveling the leaves a few weeks ago. This was the same day the plane crashed by our house.

Too bad we acutally have to shovel for snow now.

A few weekends ago we went with some friends/old roomies down to the Wales house. It was crazy to think that we were there 10 years ago with no kids or spouses (Doug and I were there I guess. Just not married yet)!
The kids had fun going on a Gator ride.

Random shot fo the Mabes. I think Sophia may have taken this one. I don't remember taking it anyway.
We had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We went to Doug's mom's for lunch. She had such a beautiful table set up.
Here's my three cuties in their fun baby legs! I was so glad to finally get a smiling picture of Lilly!
Doug's mom also had the kids make some cute crafts. They put cloves in oranges and dipped pretzels. It was really fun! After that we headed to my brother's house for more feasting. He's a pathologist by day and a gourmet chef by night. He serriously makes the best food and I was so looking forward to this!
This was the piece de resistance. He made sweet potatoes like they do at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. They had this amazing brown sugary crust on top. They were seriously TO.DIE.FOR!
Yummy! Look how the cute clementines are ever arranged perfectly.
After that we headed up to Park City for our anniversary! Happy 7 years Douglas! He actually had arranged for us to get away on Tuesday but we both came down with the stomach flu so bad. It was seriously awful! We decided to wait a few days and luckily they let us switch our reservation. We stayed at a place called the Newpark Hotel and it was pretty awesome. There was a hot tub on the balcony which was pretty cool but the best part was the radiant heating in the bathroom. I loved it! Here's a few shots from our stay. The hallway was ridiculously long.
Our bedroom. It had these sliding doors that shut the whole thing off from the rest of the place. It was nice for the second night when our kids joined us. We didn't have to hear them!
This table/chest thing was pretty awesome. It was a coffee table that looked like a chest but the top part lifted off and up so you could use it as a table top. It was pretty cool. The window over my head looked into the bathroom. Kind of weird.
Best part of the trip. The first morning we were there we discoved the ceiling in the bathroom was leaking. Right on the toilet. Pretty cool. I kept laughing at how ironic it was. It really was such a nice place but then to have something like this happen? Not so nice. We think the people above us may have flooded their bathroom or something. We never really heard. Unfortunately we only got a bucket out of the deal. I told Doug I really wanted to complain so that we could at least get a free meal or something (the hotel was right above Cafe Rio). Too bad I'm not a good complainer.
We stayed one night along (with Mabes) and then picked up our kids the next morning and brought them up for one more day. They had a blast doing fun things like swimming in the bathtub
and the pool.

And yes these pictures are crappy. I accidentally left my camera at my brothers so I had to the best I could with my phone. Now you're all caught up. Bring on the December craziness!


Nancy said...

What fun times! Happy Anniversary! 7 years is crazy to think about. You've got 3 gorgeous girls to your credit now too! Sorry Doug was sick with the flu. Thats no fun. Josh got it too on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for the picture update. Its fun to read what you guys are doing.

stu said...

Great pics! Some good shots of the kids. Mabel is looking cuter and cuter. Happy Anniversary!

Visit Park City said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you all had a great time. Please share your experience and photos with others when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook, We hope to see you soon.

David and Leda Johnson said...

We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for David's work party this year and the sweet potatoes (and absolutely everything else) were amazing!