Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Since Mabel and I have taken a sick day from church (I can't remember the last time my throat hurt this bad) I decided to do a quick update.

We had a great New Years in Wales. It was fun to be with family and everyone had a great time. Grandma Wilkins brought stuff for the kids to make luminarios. They had a blast. Here's Sophia and Bridger admiring theirs. These two are seriously two peas in a pod. I love them. Sophia showing hers off.

Cute (sick) Mabes relaxing.
Sophia and Bridger playing in the snow. Peas in a pod I tell you.
Doug, his brother and the kids spent a long time creating this snow hill they had a blast doing it. The kids enjoyed sledding down it later.
Sophia and Bridger again.
They were pretty much inseparable the whole weekend.
Like I said, peas in a pod.
Cousins sledding down the hill. They did a great job helping Lilly out. The poor thing kept getting stuck in the snow.
Here's a random shot of the girls in Daddy's pajamas for Daddy pajama night! And a cute one of Mabes enjoying her snuggly blanket from Uncle Jason and co!
Now onto Christmas. It was a great one this year. We had fun and our kids did great.
To recap:
Stockings were filled.
Presents were under (and on top of) the tree.

Happy pictures in bed were taken.
As well as happier pictures on the stairs.
Stockings were emptied.
Cookies were eaten and notes from Santa were left.
Pictures of cute girls in matching jammies from Pajama Clause were taken.
Wrapping paper was enjoyed.
Hugs were given for gifts from sisters.
And guns were sported. Doug also received his first real rifle (aside from this awesome Red Ryder BB Gun). Much to my mom's dismay I purchased a 30-06 (pronounced 30 ought six -which I learned later thanks to a little help from his brother) for him to open on Christmas morning. I think he enjoyed it. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of him with it though!
After we opened presents we went to Grandma Wilkins for breakfast and more gifts. Grandpa and Grandma gave each of the kids a Pillow Pet. They loved them!
Mabel really enoyed her hippo.
After that we went to my parents for more gift opening and dinner. Mabel enoyed eating her presents there as well.
We had such a great break and are ready for school to start again tomorrow! It was so fun to be with so much family this break. My sister and her cute family were here from Texas and we had so much fun with them! This cute guy was a lot of fun to be around. We're going to miss him a lot!


stu said...

Miss you guys already. Love the pictures. Erin loved looking at them with me, too.

Melissa said...

Wow! What a great Christmas! I love the picture of Doug and his gun- he's got the crazy eyes and everything! And what is with that picture of Lucas- he looks a bit weird. The Whales trip looked like so much fun! Cute luminaries- what a great idea! Love the matching jammies! We had so much fun with you too! Thanks for everything!