Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Week of School

Tuesday was the first day of school!! They were all ready and so excited to go.
 These 2 were feeling left out so they wanted their picture taken too.
 And Mabel had to hold a paper.
All ready to go in!
This picture kills me.  Could she be any more excited!!
 Her classroom has a market theme and the first day was the Grand Opening.  Way too cute. The teacher also picks an "Employee of the Week" to be the helper for the week. Love it.
 Later that night we went to Doug's parents house to see his sister one last time before they headed home.  His mom put some treats out from Brazil and we caught Mabel stashing a few away for later.
 On Wednesday we went to register for Mabel's preschool!! It's so darling.  They have a new location this year and I love it.
Lewis loved it too.
 The poor guy had some new pants on and had trouble all day keeping them up!
Later that afternoon Sophia and Mabel went to their first horseback riding lesson!
 They started by brushing the horses before they put the saddles on
And then they got their helmets and it was time to get on!
 They had a great time and can't wait to go back.
 The other day Lilly came home with pictures she drew for each letter of her name.  Sophia was pretty sure it was the best picture of an ice cube that she's ever seen.
Here's a random one I found on my phone. I love shots like this.
On Friday night we went to Squire's summer party. They had face painting and the girls loved it. Pretty fancy too!
And finally here's a quilt that only took me about 4 years to finish.  My mom did the binding which helped a lot too!!

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Melissa said...

So many fun things!! Love that Lewis. Miss you all!