Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seattle Day 1 and 2

Before I get to the trip here's a few randoms of the kids.  Lewis had a monkey on his back the other night.  Sure hate when that happens!!
And beautiful Mabel with her many beautiful headbands...
 The super moon was out a few weeks ago.  This is not the greatest picture but it was spectacular!
Now onto the trip.  A few months ago Doug had a Southwest voucher that needed to be used up so we took a quick end of summer trip without children!
After we got there and checked into our hotel we went downtown to try and find some dinner.  We looked up a few places before we left and decided to go with this one.  There's a guy name Tom Douglas who owns 15 restaurants in Seattle and this was one of them. 
The pizza was actually just ok but this root beer float was amazing!
After that we headed back to our hotel with a quick stop to the space needle first.
Here's the view at night.
And then we went back the next morning.
After that we hopped back on the monorail and headed to downtown.
We stopped here for an old fashioned salted caramel donut - delicious.
Then we headed down to Pike Place.
I have no idea why this one is upside down because it doesn't look that way on my computer.  Anyway, there were the coolest produce stands at the market.  If I lived there I would seriously by all of this fresh produce every day.
And once again, not sure why this one is sideways.  Here I am by the famous Pike Place pig.
Pig selfie!
And another sideways. Here's the famous Pike Place fish market with the famous flying fish.
And the nasty famous gum wall.  This was one of Doug's top priorities to see. Yuck.  I hate gum.  And seriously the smell.  It was bad.
But at least we got to see it and take a picture!
A delicious bakery in the market.  There was definitely not a shortage of bakeries in this area.  So yummy!
Crazy shop in the museum.
Aside from the produce they had some pretty spectacular flowers.  Varieties and colors I'd never seen before.  Gorgeous!!
And they were so cheap!! This bundle was $15 but most were $10.  Crazy!!
Outside another weird shop. 
The bathroom signs cracked us up.
And the street lamps were pretty cool too.
After spending some time in the museum we headed down to the waterfront to some of the piers.  We made a quick stop at the aquarium which was fun but would have been more fun with our kids.
Just riding a whale.
And then we went on a harbor cruise tour.  We bought a city pass before we left that included all of this stuff.  It was a pretty good deal and definitely worth the purchase.
These were from the gift shop in the aquarium.  Pretty funny stuff.
We also went into this place which actually wasn't as cool as we thought but still pretty fun.
These pictures are out of order but they're from the harbor cruise. Gorgeous view of the skyline
and some huge cranes.
After the cruise we went to the famous Ivars for dinner. This sign was in here and cracked us up.  Glad they gave the owner credit for the sign.
Earlier in the day we went on a chocolate indulgence tour and it was amazing.  It started at a cupcake shop where we had a delicious cupcake and some ice cream. This place apparently holds the title of the best frosting in the nation.  It definitely was amazing.  I wanted to go back later just for the frosting.
At another place we had sipping chocolate with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.  It was awesome.
We also had ground mexican chocolate, lemon pepper white chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, fresh cocoa nibs straight from a bean, cheese cake, popcorn and a coconut creme pie sample with white chocolate shavings from the famous dahlia bakery (another Tom Douglas establishment).
One of the chocolate stores had these cutest chocolates.  Our kids would have loved them!
This was a funny store we saw along the way.  I'm pretty sure Doug needed one of everything from here.  Pretty classy.
We stopped at this yummy place for lunch.  It was amazing. 
And a quick shot of our harbor cruise pic that we didn't want to pay $1% for.
Outside the famous Ivars.
They had this sign in front inside that I thought was pretty clever.
If anyone has read the book "The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" this is the Panama Hotel that is in that book.  It was quite the hike to get there but was on my bucket list of things to see.
A picture of a tunnel Doug wanted to take.
At the end of the day we did an Underground Tour. It was pretty fun but not quite as cool as we were thinking.  It was just kind of dirty and smelly and full of really stupid jokes from the tour guide.  The history was kind of interesting but that's about it. 

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