Saturday, December 18, 2010

The latest

So sad to see this. I have lots of fond memories of this building. I loved climbing the endless flight of stairs up the staircase to sit up in the balcony for Stake Conference. I also remember how it was so stinking hot in August sitting up there with no AC! I love how everything was so green inside. From the mint green pillars to the dark green carpet. The benches were so beautiful and so was all the restored wood. I can remember my mom speaking there a few times but I don't remember my dad speaking there (I wasn't even born when he was put in as Stake President) but he remembers when it was rededicated in the 80's by President Benson. He was telling me yesterday about how they had lunch with him, Pres Monson and Pres Hinkley and how neat it was to have the building restored and rededicated. He said they had a book published about it. I would really love a copy of that now! I'm sure the rest of Utah County would too. I told my sister yesterday that if it is rebuilt it has to look exactly the same. I don't think anyone would settle for anything less! My mom told me this morning that there was millions in equipment and musical instruments that were lost in the fire. She said there was a quote in the paper from Lex De Azevedo (his concert was currently being held there) and that he said how this reminded him how eventually everything will turn to dust. He then went on to say something to the effect of at how you can take music with you and that music will go on forever. I thought that was kind of neat. So beautiful and so sad.

I drove Sophia by the tabernacle again last night (she's obsessed with it) and she asked me if I thought that this made Jesus sad. I told her that he probably wasn't too happy with it but that both He and Heavenly Father know that there are more important things in this world and the life to come. She said, "Oh yeah. Like Santa Clause". That's exactly right. He's way more important. What a hoot.

On a happier note, we had a fun Christmas party with Doug's dad's side of the family this week. His parents were such gracious hosts and we had a fun time. Sophia enjoyed being in the angel choir.
And Mabel enjoyed her role as Baby Jesus again. Lilly happily took a seat in the audience.
Singing "The Nativity Song".
Doug's mom gave all the kids cute goodie bags that had these sticky Santa's inside. They were awesome. This is where Santa likes to hang out in our house.
Yesterday we had a fun party in Sophia's class. The kids made lots of fun things including these Rudolph hand cut outs.
She also had crazy hair day this week. I wanted her to go like this (you wrap their hair around a cup) But she opted for this. It was a bunch of ponytails (that you can't see) with sparkly spray.
Here's a random shot of Mabes and Lills relaxing in bed yesterday morning.
And another random shot of my kids playing in the Tee Pee at my mom's. I loved playing with this as a kid and I'm glad they get to enjoy it now too!
Another random shot of the Babes. I love this baby! Her eyes kill me every time. Finally, my mom has all her nativities on display right now and Lilly can not get enough of them. For some reason she has two of the same set. Lilly loves to combine them into one. Here's the Mary's with their twins.
And everyone else with their respective counterpart. She cracks me up.
Here's a video I took quick last night. It's crazy that you can still see flames way up there! WARNING: I was taking this while talking to my mom on the phone so be sure to turn OFF your volume if you watch it.


Alice-Anne said...

what a good post...I'm still in shock, too. I have many similiar memories. Hard to believe...

David and Leda Johnson said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! We received your Christmas card yesterday. So cute!