Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun and Not So Fun Things

Let's get the not so fun out of the way first. After making cookies tonight with the girls (something we have not done in way too long!) I was wiping of the counter when I tipped the kitchen aid over on top of the glass stove top! Oops! Let's just say too many cookies were eaten as a result of this incidence. Looks like I know what might be under my tree (or in my kitchen) on Christmas! I was a little upset about the whole situation and so Sophia wrote me this sweet note. It even came enclosed in this awesome envelope bag thing. Here's the cute note that came inside "Dier Mom, I hop yoo will git filing beter". Nothing quite says I love you like "I lav yoo Mom".

She has been so into spelling lately. I love it! Today she wanted to create a list of words for each letter of the alphabet. Here's what she came up with before she got distracted by something else.

to translate:

A - Apple

B- Blue Bird

C- Cat

D -Dad

E - Elephant

F - Farmer
I think she was copying the words from the Rusty and Rosy (Waterford Institute) ABC DVD's.
We'll see if she continues the list tomorrow.

One more final fun thing. I added a few fun snowflakes and sled to our Christmas display. I love this time of year!


stu said...

Doh! Sorry about the stove top. Accidents happen. So good of Sophie to help make sure you were "filing better".

Jennifer Lyn said...

Oh no! Sorry about your stove. I love the notes. They are so cute.

ZAC said...

I'm sorry about the stove top Jo! That's not an easy one to let roll off the back. I love the kind note Sophia wrote and the bag it came in. And I get such a kick out of seeing what children write and how they spell. What beautiful children you have~!

Stacy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is THE cutest car ever! I love when they learn to spell :)