Monday, May 23, 2011

Gymnastics and Purses

Lilly and Sophia had their end of the year gymnastics parent show the other day. It was pretty fun to watch and see how far they've come. Here's Lilly warming up.

And showing us her routines. After they were finished her teacher gave them all medals.

She was pretty excited about it and wanted to wear it all day. Of course she did not try to take it off immediately.

Here's Sophia getting ready to warm up.

Luckily she enjoyed her metal a little bit more.

My cute gymnasts! They did pretty well this year. Sophia wants to do it again next year but I think we might give Lilly a turn with dance.
My cute mom gave them these cutest purses that she made after their performances. I totally love them! So did my girls!

They were even monogrammed! So cute!
They had princess keys (seen above) and this little wallet complete with play money and a credit card. I love the Ms. Princess on the card! So cute!
They also had a phone,


and lipstick! Is that not so cute! Everything was made out of felt and took so much work! She's amazing!

Thanks again mom! You're the best! Thanks also to you, dad and mom and dad Wilkins for coming all the way down to see the show! My girls were so happy to have you there!

Here are their routines if you're dying for some live action.

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