Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haircuts and Jumping!

While I was thinking of things to do during fall break, haircuts were definitely at the top of the list! I have not cut my girls hair since after Mabel was born and it was deinfitely time. Sophia kept telling me she didn't want her hair but because she wanted it to grow as long as Rapunzel's. I hesitated telling her that I made an appointment until the day before. I expected to hear her complain when I told her but she said, "yes, yes, yes!" I asked her why she was so excited to get it cut and she said, "because I want bangs!" I had no idea about that one but at least she was excited. Here they are before we left.See how long and scraggly? It was time. I usualyl cut their hair but I've finally realized they're kind of at an age where they might need to have their hair straight and not cut all crazy. We went to my friends aunt (who I've gone to the past few times) and she was awesome as usual! I seriously think she does the best job! I was so happy with how they turned out.

Here they are after. I was trying to convince Sophia to just to a little swoop of bangs but she insisted she wanted ones like this. On the way home she said, "I don't really like to have hair on my forehead". Sorry sweetie. Those are bangs! Remember how you begged for them? Guess you'll have to just get used to them because they take FOREVER to grow out!
After the cuts we went and got our annual Square Pumpkin meal and then headed to Jumping Jacks. They love that place and so do I because it makes them tired! This was Mabel's first time in one of the toys.
Here they are going up the big slide.And coming down.

Overall it was a good first day of fall break. Also to add to the fun, we through in flu shots at the doctor this morning. I really know how to party!

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