Saturday, October 8, 2011

Latest Pictures

Just wanted to quickly share a few of the latest pics from the camera. This sweet girl came home with her school pictures the other day. I'm debating about retakes. Thoughts? Seriously though, why do they not encourage a smile or fix a hair here or there? Here's the girls enjoying a treat during the awesome BYU/USU game last week. The treats were good and so was the game (barely).This was Lilly's conference project. She would repeatedly load the animals on Doug (they all were going into the car) and he would shake them off. It seriously kept her entertained for about the entire last session.

The other day Sophia got in trouble for teasing Lilly in the car. I told her when she got home she owed me a few minutes on her bed. When she came back up she had these notes in tow. They totally crack me up.

What do you think? Am I forgiven?
We love you too Sophia.
Last night we let the girls have a sleepover in their igloo tent.

I think they had fun and they actually slept pretty good too! Also yesterday I pulled out all the winter clothes since it's been freezing lately! I hope they're serious with those 70 degree predictions for next week! Here's this cute baby in her "new to you" winter jammies!Speaking of new to you, we were lucky enough to get Doug's grandma's washer and dryer set. Even though our super old ones have of course been nothing short of fantastic lately (thanks again for the washer Kimber!) it was nice to replace them. They're the fanciest set we've ever owned too! I love them because they're super capacity! I can seriously cram so much in them. We feel very blessed and hope that they're something that will last us for many years to come!


Stacy said...

I just got all caught up on your posts. So fun! Even though I see you often it is fun to read about your family.And to answer your question, they do NOT fix their hair but they do try to get a smile...sort of. I was helping at the school on picture day this year. I was watching an no one was doing a dang thing about it. So I totally straightened hats, smoothed hair, and adjusted clothing. There are some moms out there that owe me big time :P

Jennifer Lyn said...

So I have been secretly hoping you would post pics of your halloween/fall decor. I love your decorations! And we are LOVING our countdown. So cute! Oh and on the pics, we just opted to take them at JCPenney. Then I can choose which one I want. :)