Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Weekend Fun

We had a fun weekend leading up to more fun celebrating today! On Friday I went to Sophia's Halloween Party at school. We made Tootsie pop ghosts, witches brew stew (you suck up Halloween shapes with Halloween straws and put them in a bowl), black paper plate spider webs, monster munch and played toss the spider in the cauldron. I took a lot of the ideas from her class party last year. The monster munch was really fun. It had earthworms (cheetos), lizard eggs (kix and cocoa puffs), bat toes (sunflower seeds), bug eyes (mini m&m's) and bug brains (mini marshmallows). One of the mom's also brought homemade root beer with dry ice which was pretty fun.It was a really fun but kind of crazy party. 26 students + 1 teacher (and an aid) + 7 parents = a lot of noise!
Here's Sophia getting ready to throw the spider in the cauldron. It's kind of hard to see but that's her teacher in the very back. She had the best Egyptian costume. It was complete with an awesome wig that had braids and gold things on it. She's such an awesome teacher. Sophia was excited to be the same thing as her teacher. Too bad her costume was a little on the homemade side. I love the cute Sacajawea costume behind Sophia too. This little girls mom always makes her costumes and they are always awesome!Here's Lilly and Mabel playing with/eating the toys while the rest of us partied.On Saturday we took advantage of the last bit of warmer weather and spent some time outside. And we also carved pumpkins. Mine in on the left and it's supposed to be sideways. I was trying to be clever. Lilly's is in the middle and the thing above the left eye is supposed to be a bow. Sophia and Doug did the other one. Sophia drew the face and Doug did the carving.Thank goodness we added more pumpkins to our porch! We just did not have enough! This is random but this is Lilly's skeleton that she drew in preschool a few weeks ago. This was before her haircut and her hair was up in buns. I love how she made sure to draw them. Last night we went to my brother's house for a delicious fall dinner and to see some of my cousins. It was a lot of fun. Cleopatra was there again too.So was spiderman. Man I love that spiderman.Tinkerbell made an appearance too. Funny story about Lilly's costume. For weeks and weeks she couldn't decide what to be for Halloween. Then she decided she didn't want to dress up at all. I kept suggesting things that we already have like a princess or Tinkerbell but she still didn't want to be anything (one year Sophia didn't want to dress up as anything and Lilly saw a picture of it a little while ago so she didn't want to be anything as well). Anyway, last week totally out of the blue she said "I know! We have lots of dress ups in our dress up box. Maybe I could be something in there." I said "That's right. Like maybe Tinkerbell?" "That's a great idea mom! That's what I should be!" Anything I can do to help sweetie. She cracks me up.Also this weekend I did this. It was definitely not my favorite race mainly because it started so late in the day and it was so stinking crowded (3700 runners). At least I got a cool shirt though! The shirt is a little misleading though. It was just a half. I will NEVER run a full marathon.

These are my awesome friends in my ward that ran with me. I still can not get over Melissa's (the one on the far left) bangs. She definitely knew how to wear the 80's. It was the first half for two of these girls which made it even more fun. Thanks for letting me train with you girls!Here I am at the end. Sorry this is not a very flattering picture. I was just so glad to be done! I think that 2 half marathons in 1 year is too much for me. I am definitely looking forward to a break!Here's the final random picture for this post. I was cleaning up on Saturday and found this that Sophia had made. I love her imagination!


The Favorite said...

I would like a Hamburger..

The Millers said...

That shirt is the COOLEST!

Thanks for coming last night - so yummy and fun!

Melissa said...

I love it!! Love the pictures and the costumes- that is quite a party too! I also am so proud of you for running another half! You are amazing!

Lauren said...

PROUD OF YOU Jo!!!!! Good job. I love Lilly's costume--Maddie was Tinkerbell too!