Monday, October 24, 2011

Wonderful Wales Weekend!

We had a fun time at the Wales House this weekend for fall break. Before we left we made some pumpkin spice playdough. The kids had fun making faces with it before we packed it up. I'm sorry but this might be one of the cutest pictures of Lilly I've ever seen! I am a little biased though!Here's a scary monster face.and another one. This one she made for our whole family using all of the pieces. She wanted to take a picture of the whole family with it since she made it for the whole family. Mabel looks happy to be here.

When we got to Wales we got to help Grandma decorate the house for a surprise party for Bridger. It was his birthday so she wanted to make it special for him.

Here's the cutest monster cake his mom made for him! I totally love it!
And here's Sophia with the birthday boy. She made him the two wonderful birthday "posters" that are behind him as well.
After dinner the kids all went outside for a scavenger hunt grandma put together.
It was pretty great!
I also took the kids out for a ride on the gator. Once again, Mabel looked happy to be there. So did Lilly.Here's the kids down at the reservoir. I have never seen it this clear before. And it was so blue! It was beautiful! There were so many birds too so it was really fun.Here's all the kids getting ready to head back.We took the long way back and found these beautiful trees over the trail. It was so pretty! You can barely see Sophia in the middle of the trail.
Overall it was a fun weekend but it always is at Wales!

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Melissa said...

You look super skinny in your family picture!! We LOVE pumpkin pie playdough! I love the monsters. And I love that monster cake! Hooray for Whales!