Friday, October 28, 2011

Lilly at the Pumpkin Patch

Before I get to the patch here's a few random pictures from this week. Lilly was playing when I heard her yell out, "Mom! Turn on a show for us!". I came out to find her like this. I love how she has them all tucked in. She's going to make a great mom!This one's kind of blurry, but I don't think this little stinker likes her costume. What do you think?Now onto the patch. We got to go the the Big Red Barn for a hayride to the pumpkin patch with Lilly's preschool yesterday. It was so fun! Here's the kids playing around before we got on the hay ride.

She looked pretty excited to be in the class picture. What a cooperative child.

Here's the girls getting ready to ride out to the patch.
Here's Mabel exploring a little bit. It was pretty bumpy so she kind of had a hard time walking around.

What a cute pumpkin! They had a maze too which was pretty fun.

Mabel tried so hard to pick up this pumpkin. It was totally cracking me up!Love my girls! So fun to be there. I love how Lilly's legs look like my other leg in this picture.

Is the sun bright Mabel?
Thanks for the good times the Big Red Barn!

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