Friday, September 30, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

almost. I consider this the most wonderful time of the year though! I love fall and Halloween! I know it's totally cheesy to post my decorations on here but it's my blog so I'm doing it anyway!
Lilly is totally scared of the picture in the upper right corner. I know it's mean but it totally cracks me up. I'll hide it in random places and she freaks out. I'm the meanest mom ever. Sophia apparently does not share the same fear since she wanted her picture taken with it.

So excited to finally hang up the countdown calendar! I love it!
More spooky stuff.
This is the first year I've really done anything with our patio. I did switch out the porch light for a black light like I usually do though. Our pumpkins are still totally green but I'm planning to put them up eventually. I also want to steal some cornstalks from my parents sometime...
It was good to see this wreath survived a year in storage. I think I need to hit up the dollar store for another black crow though. Those things are great.
I also let the girls make some pumpkins to hang in the window. I think they did a pretty good job.
My steps look so sad without pumpkins. Turn orange already!

My awesome friend did let me have some of her little white pumpkins. I love them!

Finally, we had a good time trying on the spooky glasses.Well, some of us did anyway.Mr. Potato Head seemed fine with it though.

Play date

Sophia's school has had parent conferences all week. Because of that she's only had half days at school. It's actually been kind of nice. She was able to have a few friends over on one of the days for a playdate. They had fun making booksand bouncing Squinkies in the bathroom. I know, everyone's favorite party game. They are such cute girls and she's so lucky to have such fun friends.

I forgot to include this one in my last post. Sophia gave me this note after I took them to Spring Lake (and we got attacked by geese). I love all the "he he's" at the bottom of the page.And here's a random one of the Mabe's enjoying some delicious licorice!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Angry Birds and Such

The other day I ran with a friend around Spring Lake. I had no idea this lake was so close and that I've never taken my kids there! Doug was gone this morning on a camp out so we decided to go there this morning to feed the ducks. The minute we got there all these geese and ducks started pouring out of the water and coming straight for us! The girls freaked out and ran back to the car. I hurried and threw all the bread out that I had and hurried into the car too. It was so funny. I hurried and snapped a picture to remember the funny memory.After that we decided to head to Salem Pond where we could play and not be attacked by aggressive birds.

Mabel had a fun time trying to figure out the slide.She finally made it up with the help of the stairs.

After we played a little we decided to walk around the pond. The girls had a fun time helping Mabel walk.

Here's a picture of Sophia on the bridge. She's a tiny little thing you can see in the second full square from the right.Lilly was so terrified to go on this bridge. I love how she looks like she's going to fall through at any time.
Here's a few fun things we did this week. I made this fun Halloween banner. I've resisted putting out all the other Halloween decor so far but I couldn't wait on this one.
I love my children but get a little tired of the "I don't know what to do..." that I hear constantly. I finally came up with this and hung it on the fridge. Now when they ask "what can I do?" I refer them to the fridge. So far it's gone ok and I'm hoping that the novelty doesn't wear off!
Sophia has been really into jump roping at school. Her teacher teaches a jump rope class (that happens to be during gymnastics and she's way bummed about it!) and so the kids are all way into it. She gets to bring one to use at recess and she loves it. Here's my messy baby giving it a try.
Random shot of a freshly bathed babe who wanted her picture taken.

Sophia came home from school one day and told us about a dad who came to her class who's in the military. She said that he could do push ups with his son on his back. Of course we had to give it a try. Go Doug! I told her teacher about this and she said she felt bad for all the dads in the class because they would all be doing the same thing that night.
Lilly was looking through the friend the other day and found these funny apple smiles to make.

We made them for a treat on Sunday and I think they turned out pretty good. They were actually pretty tasty too!
Finally, last week we went to a dinner honoring all those who passed the CPA exam this year. It was a fun night and a nice break from the kids. Unfortunately this was the best picture I got! Oh well. Still proud of my husband though. Way to go Doug!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mabel Walks and Lilly Reads

One of my favorite things about Mabel is that she is obsessed with shoes. She seriously knows when we're gettting ready to leave because she heads straight for the shoes and tries to get them on. I finally got pictures of her doing this the other day. Yes she is still in her pajamas (no we were not getting ready to go somewhere. Don't worry, I do dress my kids (usually) when we go somewhere). She seriously tries and tries forever. I love how determined she is.Sometimes she gives up and she thinks that it's really best if you wear them on your hands. But then she tries, tries again.And for more Mabel, here's a little clip of her taking a few steps today! Where did my baby go?!

And here's a video of Lilly "reading". I had no idea she could do this until she showed me the other night. Sophia has been reading these books to her and night and has been determined "to teach Lilly how to read". She's so funny about it. Apparently Lilly's been listening though. Pretty funny kids.

Untitled from jmwilkins10 on Vimeo.

More Grandma Ivins Remembrances

Last Sunday we went with Doug's family to Grandma's House one last time to take a few pictures. We were coming from a baby blessing and weren't quite prepared so all of these are taken with my phone. His brother took a good long video of the house and hopefully we'll be able to get a copy of it (hint hint Brian. JK). Here's the front of her house (and Leda and David).

This is my cute niece Kaleen sitting on the rock where my father-in-law first kissed my mother-in-law. It was pretty cute to hear the story. My mother-in-law said that after that night her dad told her that she could have that rock someday. I thought that was cute and I hope she actually does get it!Here we are in front of her house.We went through the house and took a few last pictures of some of the treasures. This is her wedding dress. My mother-in-law said she bought it for $9. She also weighed less than 90 pounds when she wore it! We're pretty sure that Kaleen (pictured above) would be the only one who would fit in it now.This is her wedding dress and Doug's grandpa's army suit that he was married in. It was kind of fun to see these side by side.

This arrangement as from Doug's mom and her siblings. The birdhouse is one that she hung outside in her beautiful flower garden. I know it doesn't look like it but the beautiful Lilly in the middle (pink with white edges) was bigger than my opened hand. It was gorgeous!
This is one her curio cabinets with some fun treasures.
And this kids had fun playing with her awesome car track one more time. This was the definite toy of choice for any child that came to her house. I wish I would have taken a picture of this whole room because I have so many memories here. There were many showers, celebrations and parties held in this room.

Monday night we went to Doug's parents house for Family Home Evening. We talked a little bit about Grandma and Doug's dad asked us all what some of our favorite memories of her are. He encouraged us to go home and write them down as well. I thought this would be the perfect place to do that.

-Sophia remembered that she always had a piece of candy to share.

-she had beautiful flowers and took great care and pride in her beds and gardens. A few months ago we were up by her house and stopped by to see her flowers. It was so fun to walk around with her and have her identify everything. She was so proud of it and you could tell how happy it made her. This is part of the reason why Doug didn't want to say goodbye to her at the hospital. He wanted to remember her this way. I think that's great!

-I love all the bridal and baby showers that were held in her great room. It was so fun that even though I wasn't one of her "blood grandchildren" it was fun to still be included in this and to be honored at a few of these events.

-there were many Halloween, Christmas and Easter parties held at her house. I loved waiting for Santa to make his big entrance in the big room and egg hunts in the backyard.

-one of my favorite memories was seeing her dressed up as an AF cheerleader (I think) for Halloween. She was even complete with a pony tail hair piece. That woman loved to party! I loved how she got into each and every holiday and would do anything to make people smile.

-I also loved going to her house mid-morning on Christmas for finger foods and to see her beautiful tree! Of course the real reason why any of us went (aside from picking up our restaurant gift card) was to get a piece of her toffee! She made a mean toffee. No matter how many times I try I just can not replicate it! Apparently I'm not adding the right amount of love.

I know there are many more memories that I could share but I'll stop now. One of my brothers-in-law mentioned the time that he first met her. He said she was so impressed by how immediate her love was. Even though she just met you, you knew that she loved you and that you were welcome into her family. That's so true. Her door was always open for everyone and she definitely had not prejudices. She really was an amazing woman and set and incredible example for all of us. We love you grandma!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We love Grandma Ivins!

We've had a great last couple of days celebrating the life of an amazing woman! I feel so blessed to have known her and so lucky to have married into her family.
Doug's mom had the idea for this arrangement as a gift to Grandma from her family. She got a rose for each person in the family and then attached this cute seed packet with a picture of our family. The seed packet says "Grandma Ivins Planted the Seed" and there's a scripture from Doctrine and Covenants about reaping a good reward if you sow a good seed. She did a great job.Here's a few things from the display tables at the viewing. The little brown rectangle at the bottom of the picture is a quote she carried around in her wallet. They made lots of copies of it and had them out for people to take a the viewing. It was really neat. The quote says "I believe that only one person in a thousand knows the trick of really living in the present. Most of us spend 59 minutes of an hour living in the past with regret for lost joys, or shame for things badly done (both utterly useless and weakening) or in a future which we either long for or dread. The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle, which is exactly what it is - a miracle and unrepeatable" - Storm Jameson. Such sound advice.

This is a painting of her cabin up at Tibble Fork and the quote is a really cute thing that she really liked so she wrote it down. I love it. It says "Remember me with smiles and laughter, that is the way I'll remember you. and if you only remember me with tears, you must not remember me at all." So cute. I think that totally sums her up.

This was a cute picnic basket they had displayed with her dishes, silverware and flowers - her favorite.
After the funeral (which was amazing) we went to the graveside service.Here's Mabel with cute Aunt Leda.

Here's all the men leaving their boutonniers on the casket.
All of the girls were given a daisy when we got there.

They also got to place them on the casket.

After the dedication of the grave they gave each of the kids a balloon.

Then they gathered all the kids together and had them send their balloons to grandma in heaven.

I loved how the casket looked with all the daisies on it. So pretty. She would have loved it!

Here's Doug's parents with all their children.

And our little family. Don't mind the hair in my mouth and me giving Lilly the death grip so that she'd hold still. Doesn't Doug look nice though? I think this is the first time I've seen him in a suit since he had to wear one to the first day of the accounting program.

Afterward we went back to the church for a wonderful luncheon. I loved how they decorated the tables. It was so grandma. I think she would have definitely approved.
These were the beautiful flowers. Doug's mom told me they were donated from the yards of some of grandma's greatest friends.

Mabel had a good time but enjoyed putting this basket on her head the most.Here's Doug's mom with a few of her siblings. The sweet woman in the middle was my Grandma's housekeeper for the last 35+ years or so. She is a very sweet lady.

Finally I just wanted to post her Obituary so that I'll have it for a future blog book.Virginia Mae Woodhouse Ivins
1925 ~ 2011
Our mother, grandmother, sister and friend, Virginia Mae Woodhouse Ivins passed away, Monday, September 5, 2011 from a sudden illness. She was surrounded by many of her family and friends. Virginia was born February 24, 1925, in Huntington Beach, California. The 5th of 7 children born to Elliot and Mariam Almira Peel Woodhouse. She grew up in California and on July 15, 1943 she married her handsome soldier, Heber Grant Ivins, Jr. Their marriage was solemnized one month later in the Salt Lake City Temple. At the end of World War II they moved to Utah to raise their family and where Grant could attend Law School. She was the mother of six children. Cathleen (Stanley) Street, American Fork; Leslie (Leslie) Chapman, Taylorsville; Christine (Craig) Wilkins, American Fork; Jeffery Grant (Kathy Hansen) Ivins, Cedar Hills; Timothy Scott (Ingrid Lapinell) Ivins, Cedar Hills; and Anthony W. (Rebecca Stewart) Ivins, Highland. Grandmother of 29, Great Grandmother of 73, and Great-Great Grandmother of 9.
A few of her favorite things were ...Christmas parties, Group Lunch on Thursdays, gatherings at the Ivins house, St. George condo, trips to Coronado, the cabin, family reunions, her poke-a-dot robe, chocolate chip cookies, jelly bellies, Swedish fish, traditions, toffee making, watching the children play, bridge, Nelsons Frozen Custard, hugs, flowers, visits from friends and family, the Friday Night Gang, caring hairdressers, the temple, dressing up for Halloween parties, and traveling around the world with Grant.
Virginia was a humble, elect lady, who devoted her whole life to the service of her children and grandchildren. She made everyone feel as if they were the most important person in her life. Her arms and home were open to all who wanted to enter in. This is a true testament of a life well lived.
She is survived by her children, grandchildren, brother, Don Woodhouse, brother-in-law Guy (Norma) Ivins and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, 2 great grandchildren, 2 sisters and 3 brothers.
Funeral services will be held Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 11:00 AM in the American Fork North Stake Center, 13th Ward, 975 North 60 East. A viewing will be held Friday evening at Anderson & Sons Mortuary, 49 East 100 North, American Fork from 6-8 PM and at the church Saturday from 9:45 to 10:45 AM. Interment in American Fork Cemetery. Online condolences and memories may be shared at