Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Cousin Fun!

I promise this is the final post for now! (until I get the pictures off of Doug's phone).  Here's some random cousin shots from the last week.  

Last Sunday the girls created a little secret hideout in my parents garden. They then turned themselves into leaf people.  They crack me up!
The kids have also been in heaven over the lambs in my parents backyard.  They love to feed them.
 Silly Santa Kate.
Yesterday we went to my niece Elizabeth's birthday party.  It was awesome!  Here's Lewis with his favorite Aunt Eliza!  We're so sad she went back home!
My brother made this awesome ice cream/cookie cake for Elizabeth.  It turned out awesome.
I'm pretty sure she loved it.
 Yummiest cookies ever!
 These 3 cuties were so funny together.  Little peas in a pod.
Sophia all wrapped up in a birthday bag.  She'd be a pretty fun present to receive!
Bruce and Lewis.
Lots and lots of cousins! 
Silly string fight! 
 And finally, here's some random shots of Lewis.  He's been so smiley lately!  I have absolutely loved it!
 His little dimple just kills me!
His hair has also decided to be stay totally crazy!  I gave him a bath before bed last night and apparently didn't comb his hair down after!
 These ones are from a few weeks ago.
He loves his swing and so do I!
And here's his 2 month shot.
 Lest you think he is all grins and giggles he does know how to let out a good scream!

Lewis' blessing!

On Sunday we blessed our sweet Lewis.  We decided to do it while I had so much family in town.  The funny thing was though that my 3 brothers that actually lived in Utah just so happened to all be out of town that day.  Oh well.  At least their families, my sisters and another brother (and Doug's 2 brothers) were there!  

Sophia made this little sign and took this picture in the morning. I didn't even know she'd done it until I uploaded these pictures!
Photo shoot time!  At first he was a little sad to have his picture taken.
Eventually he warmed up to the idea.  The outfit he's wearing is Doug's blessing outfit from 32 years ago!  I'm grateful that his mom saved it and that it fit!  I loved it.
Hoorya for smiles!
For some reason we didn't get a picture of all of us together but I did get one of Lewis and I,
the girls and Lewis,  
Doug and Lewis (I love how they have the same expression on their faces)
and finally Doug and I with the man of the hour.
Some of our guests.  I love this picture because I caught a cute embrace between my niece and nephew.  They're only a few months apart and have been the best of friends since they were babies.  Andy leaves on his mission in less than a month (crazy!) and it's apparent that they're going to miss each other!  We were also lucky enough to have Andy in the circle with us which was pretty cool.
 Lewis with uncle Derik (so glad one of my brothers was there!)
 More guests
I'm so mad that these pictures are sideways because they're my favorite!  You can kind of see Lewis' dimple in the first one.  The picture next to him is of Doug on his blessing day in the same outfit!

Cousin Getaway!

So for some reason while all our family was here we decided it would be a great idea to take them all to Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley!  We had one of my brothers 4 kids, my sister-in-law and her 3 kids, my sister and her 4 kids, my other sister and her 4 kids, me and my 4 kids and my parents.  That made for a total of 19 kids and 6 adults!  I'm pretty sure that people thought we were polygamists because none of us (except for my mom) had our spouses there!  Here we are on the way down.  I had the girl car (woot woot!) with Sophia, Jane, Lilly, Emily and Kate!  My sister was nice enough to ride with Lewis and take care of him!
 Phew!  We finally made it to Capitol Reef.
 We took the kids on a short little hike (some of us went longer) but it was too hot for this guy!
 Love these cousins!
 Mabel, Lewis, Grandma and I decided to wait back at the nice covered pavilion for all the hikers.
I absolutely love Capitol Reef.  It's one of my favorite places in the whole world.  It's so gorgeous there!
 Trying to keep this little man cool.
 Look at that face!  It was seriously hot!  We took the long 600 ft hike to see the goosenecks. 
 It was pretty cool!
Cute Grandpa with Jake and Lucas.
 After a hot day in Capitol Reef we checked in at the hotel for some much needed swimming!
 Can you spot baby Lewis? 
 There he is!
After a fun dinner at Slackers in Torrey and more swimming in the morning we headed to Goblin Valley.
 Once again it was so hot!
 The kids had a blast playing though.
This is my sweetest niece Emily with Mabel.  She kept calling her "Baby Mabel".  Lewis was "the other baby" and Lilly was "my other friend".  I just love her!
Love my sisters!  After a hot day in Goblin Valley a few people stayed behind to hike some more but the rest of us decided it was time to get the littles home.
Here's a cute bonus shot of Lucas and Mabel.  We were lucky enough to have him sleep at our house one night.  These 2 followed each other around everywhere.  It was so cute!  She kept saying "this is my yittle cousin Ewis".  He'd then say "I'm not Lewis!  I'm called you-cus!)