Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kinder Grad!

Last Friday was Lilly's Kindergarten graduation. It was a super cute program.  They sang a lot of songs including this super cute "Fingerprints" song.  I hadn't heard it before but I loved it!
Here she is getting her award.  I texted this picture to Doug (he had to work) and said "It was a hard road and I didn't think she'd make it but she's here!" Of course I was kidding but I know the real graduation day will come to soon!
All graduated!
 They also sang "What a Wonderful World" and some of the kids got to paint a picture to go with the song that they held up.  She got the "they're simply saying 'I love you'" part.  It was too cute.
 Here she is on the first and last day.  I think she did some growing up this year!
Here she is with her awesome teacher Mrs. Pennington.  We were so lucky to have her this year.  She was the absolute best!! I was lucky enough to get to help in the class about once a week and absolutely loved it.  I'm going to miss her and all the cute kids!

This doesn't really have to do with the graduation but it's some of our latest creations. For Christmas Doug got this book and we've had picking things out to draw.  I think Mabel's was the best.
I also found this owl drawing that Sophia did the other day and absolutely loved it! I just love all her little details.
 I also found this picture on my phone that she apparently took one day.

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