Thursday, January 5, 2017

More Bennett and First of October

The beginning of October brought crazy hair day
 And getting used to have Bennett around.  Lewis was teaching him how to play ponies and princesses in this picture.
 We sure love this little brother.  He's still trying to figure us out though.
 After coming home we still received lots of wonderful gifts and visitors.  My sister Melissa sent this cutest basket of delicious cookies.
Heather and her kids came to visit.  Carson is a Bennett fan
As well as a visit from Dylan and Tonya
 and Andy
 and Sam.  Sam loved holding him too.
 We also had a visit from some crazy girls.
 This baby loves to be held and his sisters are happy to oblige!
 He does get put down occasionally though.
 The girls were playing witches and Lewis decided to get in on the action.
 Mabel wrote and illustrated a story that she read to us one night
 And the kids did some crafting.
 Bennett is still not quite sure what to do with all of us.
 Bennett also did plenty of sleeping.
 And now for some more Bennett overload.  I wanted to document all the cute outfits he wears!
 His little dimple!
 And an almost smile!
 Lewis sure loves him and loves to lay down by him.
 And a few pictures with him out of me taken in the same place as the pre-hospital pictures.  I think he was about a week old in these.
 In the middle of October I took Lewis to Bizzy Buddys at a local community center.  It was a 6 week class and he loved it!!
 He's also still been loving preschool.  I love seeing all the stuff he comes home with too!
 And a little about the girls. Mabel made this rock "clecshin" in her room.
 And Sophia came home with this medal from Reflections. Good job Sophs!

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