Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fall Break and Halloween

We had a fun fall break this year!! One of the days we met up with friends and went to a local Arctic Circle because we heard the whole thing was decorated like Harry Potter.  It sure was and the kids loved it! Especially this girl! 
 After that we went to Erin's house and let the kids play. Lauren and her kids were there as well.  There are now 15 between the 3 of us!
 We also made some cookies for Halloween
 And had fun with snapchat filters.
 And ate blue things apparently.
 On one of the Saturdays in October our Stake had a preparedness day.  They had the fire truck there and we got to try our hand at spraying the hoses.
 and trying on the gear.
 After that we headed up to my parents house to help make apple cider!! One of our favorite fall traditions!
 Mabel taped this note to our front door to let the world know of her love for Bennett.  She seriously can't get enough of him.
  Lewis got to wear his Chewbacca shirt to church one day which I think made Doug happier than it did Lewis.
 Love this crazy boy!
 Despite the look on his face this baby loves baths.  He always calms down the minute he's in the water.
 Enjoying the last few days of fall with roasting marshmallows
 and apple cider floats.
 Lilly's pumpkin book report.  She chose to do Clementine.
 This little buddy after his preschool Halloween party with the pumpkin he painted!
 A few days before Halloween we finally got around to carving pumpkins. So fun!
 And a random creation Mabel made.  She put check marks by the things you should eat and x's by the things you shouldn't.
 Love this girl and her little drawings.
 Mabel made these signs during one of the BYU football games too.  She cracks me up.
 I also took the kids to get their pictures taken during fall break.  Here's one of the shots we got.
 And this little one turned 1 on Oct 30! How does time go so fast and yet so slow at the same time?
 Love this little snoozer.
 We also celebrated Halloween!! This year we had Bo Peep
 A Cowgirl
 Deb from Napoleon
 And batman! This is my favorite holiday!! Love these kids and the cute costumes they chose this year.
 Love this little pupmkin too!

 Bennett and I were a bee and a beehive for Doug's work party.
 And Doug went as Edward Scissorhands.  He made the costume and did a great job!
 Love this little family!
 All ready for trick or treating!
 This snapchat filter cracked us up.  It thought his hand was a face and added a little animal to it.  So funny!
 And with Halloween coming to an end it brought on Christmas in full swing! In Mabel's eyes at least... She had her list for Santa all ready to go (Sled, Pom Pom Wow, Cotton Candy Machine, Real Makeup, Carmel Apple, Raincoat, Bouncy Ball and Toy Cape). I love the "I Love You" at the end.  Santa doesn't mind a little kissing up!

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