Thursday, January 5, 2017

Post Christmas, New Years and The End of Christmas Break

The day after Christmas we started with a new tradition of a snow hike.  We went to the dripping rock trail up Spanish Fork Canyon by the golf course.  It was a lot of fun (and wet and cold).  Definitely made a memory and that's what we were going for. 
 I was lucky enough to get the baby strapped to me.  He helped keep me warm!
 We didn't make it very far before the trail was way too snowy and didn't make it to the actual dripping rock.  We did see this cool ice waterfall though!
 Family selfie!! Bennett is in there somewhere!
 Bennett trying out his new tummy time toy (with a snow hat).
 Her seriously loves this toy.  I know he'll love it even more when he can actually grab the toys!
 That night we had raclette.  Doug gave me a maker for Christmas and I was so excited!! It was so fun and so yummy.
 Later that week we relaxed and did fun things together like shopping, going to the movies (Sing) and a BYU Basketball game!! Brothers sporting their BYU shirts for the game.
 Before the game we drove around Provo to see some lights. This tree was impressive.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  The line down the middle is a slide if that gives some perspective.  The white balls that are on the tree were huge too. It was really cool!
 We made it to the game!! We thought we lucked out and would have the section to ourselves but it quickly filled up.
 Bennett was pretty enthralled for awhile until he fell asleep.
 Despite his sad face this kid really did have a good time!
 Dad with a sleeping baby.  The little kids and I made it until halftime.  We had fun until then though!

 The day we went to the game was the same day LaVell Edwards passed away.  He was BYU's football coach for about 40 years.  It was neat to see the football stadium all lit up for him.
 On January 30 this baby turned 3 months old!!
 More Christmas break fun: Mabel set up this fun restaurant called "Sandwiches"
 Love her Open and Closed signs.
She's also been teaching Lewis to draw.  
 Our New Years tree all ready for New Years Eve!
 We also made a trip to the Peteetneet museum for the train show.  This little Christmas village was my favorite.
On Christmas Eve my dad joined us for dinner.  We had raclette again and then Doug pulled out some Kinex and Magnet toys for the kids to play with.
 Ringing in the new year a few hours early.
 Our neighbors had some awesome fireworks going!
 On New Years Day (or Jan 2nd since New Years Day was a Sunday) we had fun sledding with all the new snow we got!
 This little guy preferred to stay inside and sleep during the Rose Bowl parade and a football game.
 for FHE the night before the kids went back to school we played "Don't Eat Smiley"that Mabel put together.  Love that girl and her imagination.
 Another one of Lewis' creations. It's a hippo.  Not sure what the spots that have white out on them are all about.
 The first day back school was delayed 2 hours because of the snow.  We got another foot last night but no delay.  The bus was still 30 min late.  We have plenty of the white stuff out there!! We're estimating 2-2 1/2 feet!! It's crazy!!

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