Friday, September 12, 2008

Lovin it

I had to include the token picture of Sophia on her first day of preschool. She has loved it so far and I hope that continues. I found out they do Show and Tell every day so that none of the kids feel left out and they can do it when they want to. The teacher said it's funny because usually every kid finds something they want to share. We weren't prepared for this and the only thing in Sophia's bag was a change of clothes in case of an accident (see more about that here). Apparently those clothes were her Show and Tell item for the day. We'll make sure we have something packed from now on. Sorry this isn't the best picture of her. She recently chucked our camera across the room and broke the screen so we can't see the pictures we take anymore. The view finder is also a little off so pictures never turn out quite the way we'd like them to. Last Saturday we went to the Kids Class at Home Depot (1st Saturday of every month from 9 - 12) and they made these football goal posts complete with a paper football. It was pretty funny. They also had the option to make these cute peg boards with a football shape. I brought one home and painted it and then hung Sophia's blessing dress on it. I thought it turned out pretty cute. You totally wouldn't know it's a football shape either. I'm going to try and get one for Lilly next month.In other news, we're totally excited for Halloween! I was thinking of what Sophia could be and found this Care Bear's costume at my mom's house. This is the same costume that my nephew Bruce use to put on and it would scare the pants off Sophia. She would scream and scream until he left the room. I guess she forgot all about it because she thanked me repeatedly for getting her a "postume". She's pretty excited about it. We already know what Lilly, Doug and I are going to be but you'll have to wait and see about that one!
P.S. This ones for my sistas. I put this little shelf up on Lilly's wall the other day and found this perfect little framed picture to go on it. The picture on the right says, "Be kind to thy sister...Not many may know the depths of true sisterly love". I though the little framed pic on the shelf was fitting to go in my girls' room (you might have to enlarge the picture to see the little frame on the shelf).


Mike & Lauren said...

Yay for Sophie! The care bear costume is great! You guys are always so creative with Halloween costumes... I need ideas for Mike. He will dress up if i make him, but he's so picky!

The Favorite said...

SISTER!! You are too cute and that really makes me laugh so much about the care bear costume- no green M&M or BYU cheerleader this year.
Congrats on preschool Sophs!