Friday, September 19, 2008


Sophia has been so into drawing people lately. After doing a fabulous job with our family portrait, she has moved on to individual portraits. I've found these pictures scattered all over the house. I've asked her who they're pictures of and she said (clockwise in the 1st set of pics starting on the top left) Brad, me with Brad, Kate, and my sister Lilly. I think it's so great. I just love to see her little personality grow and talents develop. It's fun to see all the details she puts into each little picture. It's so great. (Did I mention I think it's so great?) She drew these pictures with a pencil (minus the one drawn with the blue crayon) so sorry they're so dark (I think if you enlarge it you can see it better).

She definitely gets her talent from Doug. Here's what I was drawing at her age (the second picture was actually done in 1st grade).

Here's what Doug was drawing at her age. Okay - not really. He did this one on his mission. I'm just not sure where his preschool drawings are.

Here's some pics I had taken of my girls recently. I love the one of Lilly with the flower.


One Fish said...

I love the drawings. Sophia is looking exactly like your little mini me.

ottspot said...

Oh those big blue eyes! Of course brown ones are cute too...but since my family is full of brown eyes blue ones seem more interesting!

ZAC said...

That one with Lilly and her flower---PRECIOUS! And I'm impressed with Sophie's drawings. My girls still make scribbles only...they're truly neglected. I guess I'd better go and spend time with them!