Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Brother Update

Sophia clarified this morning that she doesn't want a baby brother. She wants a big brother. Thanks for clearing that up Sophs. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the offer Erin.I guess we can still take Will since he's a whole 6 weeks older!

In other news, we finally saw the Joseph Smith movie up in Salt Lake and it was fabulous. It wasn't quite what I was expecting and we both loved it!


David and Leda Johnson said...

I think you should still give Sophie a little brother...just because the children you have are SO cute!

Jennifer Lyn said...

Sophie is soooooooo funny! I loved reading her funny stories. Kids say the greatest things!

The Favorite said...

Sooo, I'm confused are you going to have a baby brother in a few months!!