Monday, December 15, 2008

My Twelve Days of Christmas

Some of you may know that I collect "12 Days of Christmas" Books. I do this because I want to be cool like my mom who collects "Night Before Christmas" Books. She has well over 200 of them. What's the count now mom? Anyway, I thought it would be fun to write my own little 12 Days of Christmas sincewe're well into the 12 days. Here goes:

On the...
12th day I got the coolest 12 Days of Christmas package on my door step. Thank you nice person whoever did this for us! We love it! It's so fun to open a new piece of the Nativity ever day. I always wanted this one.

11 days until I get to see my amazing family for a family reunion in warm and sunny AZ!

10 days till Christmas!

9 days of too much sickness in our house! I'm done with the coughing and runny noses.

8 girls (maybe) that I get to party with tomorrow at our Activity Days Christmas Party!

7 siblings that I get to see in 11 days! (I think it's been about 7 years too since we've all been together at one time)

6 days till Brandon and Melissa's Anniversary. Happy Anniversary you two cute cats!

5 days 'till the big Bowl Game. Go cougs!

4 packages to Brazil (I kept finding things I meant to send in each prior package).

3 trips to the post office.

2 days till Stu and Hiromi come and Karen and Lilly get to play!

1 amazing husband who celebrated a birthday today! Happy Birthday Douglas!

Merry Christmas to all!


Mike & Lauren said...

Cute post! Happy Birthday Doug! And thanks for the reminder that Christmas is in 10 days... it is sneaking up on me! :)

ottspot said...

Happy Birthday Douglas indeed! PS: Are your (Doug's) parents in the Joseph Smith manual?

Alice-Anne said...

we just got that nativity set too and its the best! enjoy being with your family!!

The Ullery Family said...

Doug - I meant to call last night, but life happens. Hope you had a great one. Love you with all my heart bro!

Melissa said...

Fer cute post! Love the 12 days- how many do you have? You need to post a picture of yours and maybe even moms (but they won't all fit in a picture) I decided I'm going to start collecting stars to hang on my wall like my tin red one. So far I have two. Go me!

Nancy said...

Thats such a fun idea to collect something Christmassy. Im not sure how many nativities my mom has now. Maybe 40 or 50 something. I guess I better think of something fun to collect too. Maybe nativities since I already have quite a few. Happy Birthday Doug!

Jay Ivins said...

Cute 12 days, that is awesome that you collect those books.

Sorry we missed the Ivins party, we heard all the Wilkens family did an awesome job.

Jess said...

Please tell D-dub we hope he had a wonderful b-day!

The Favorite said...

Happy Birthday!
Such a cute post! !
Can't wait to see you too.