Thursday, December 11, 2008

I finally saw it

Stupid blogger. I just typed this whole huge post and then it disappeared. Oh well. Anyway, I finally saw Twilight and I'm sorry to say that I agree with Sarah's review. Thanks again Laura for coming with me (I knew there was no way Doug would go with me and I'm thankful he didn't because I'd never hear the end of it) and for laughing throughout the whole thing with me. I'm sorry but the whole scene in the meadow was a little too much. Definitely one of those where the book is way better than the movie! They did do a good job casting her friends and his family but they were both just painful to watch. He looked so uncomfortable throughout the whole movie. Sorry to dissapoint any of you. I will say that it got better as it went along and here's hoping the next one is better (it's no wonder that they're hiring a new director for the next one).

Aside from all that, Sophia has been hillarious the past couple of days. Our awesome babysitter gave her a bunch of Littlest Pet Shops a while ago and she loves them. Whenever Lilly even looks at them she says "No Lilly! Mom put her to bed! She can't get these". She always tells me to put Lilly to bed whenever she's getting into something Sophia doesn't want her to get.

Yesterday we spent the day at my mom's finishing up some Christmas sewing and I gave the girls some crackers to eat. Sophia came upstairs and said "Lilly is making the biggest mess in her mouth!" She then squinted her eyes while shaking her head iand said, "I'm just like, what in the whole world Lilly! You're making the biggest mess!" She has also been saying "Yikes!" a lot which totally cracks me up. What a funny girl!


The Favorite said...

I say Yikes a lot too, she must have got it from me like, "Yikes, Twilight!"

David and Leda Johnson said...

Oh my gosh I wish I was there to see Sophie. She is such a funny girl!!!

Alice-Anne said...

The meadow scene was a little much...the movie was a great laugh! Sophia is such a character!

Melissa said...

Jo jo jo. When will you ever learn. Movies will never be as good a the books but that doesn't mean you have to laugh through the whole thing. You should have seen it opening day like I did. The theater was so hyped. The girls would scream about every time Edward was on. It was intense!