Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ihave the greatest friends! They are great because they make me such fun homemade gifts!

This incredible blanket and cute burp cloth are courtesy of Tiffany. The blanket is sooooooo soft! I seriously want one for myself. I love the fabric choices too! Mabel loves it as well. She seriously is asleep the minute I put it around her. It's so cozy! Thanks again Tiffany! You're the best!
These bows were courtesy of Lauren. I envy them whenever her girls wear them and I'm so excited to have some of my own. Thanks again Lauren! You're the best too! My other awesome friend Erin made me fun stuff too. Like these cute stuffed animals.
And these awesome necklaces. I think I mentioned earlier that she made one for me and one for each of the girls with just their names on it. I seriously love this. Thanks again Erin! You're the best too! And my other awesome friend Nancy made these cute onesies. I love them too and so does Mabel. Thanks again Nancy! You're the best too!
I'm so spoiled! Now onto Sophia's friends. She has some great ones too.
She's really good to them. She gives them oats and water when they need a break from playing.
And she tucks them in next to her at night.
This is seriously how it is every night. I love how she wraps them each in a blanket. What a good friend.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun Wales Weekend!

We ventured south to the Wales house this weekend to celebrate Pioneer Day with some family. We were a little nervous about traveling with a newborn but she did great (except for the second night when she didn't sleep too great and kept everyone up! - sorry!)

The first night we were there we got to eat smores. The kids loved it! Doug's parents bought these huge marshmallows called "Giant Roasters" or something like that. I think you can get them at Macey's. They were awesome and huge! Lilly's marshmallow totally exploded all over so she ditched the chocolate and graham and went straight for handfulls of melted marshmallow.
You can see the bag of marshmallows on the left next to the camera. Look how big they are compared to the camera (and how big they are compared to the graham cracker!) They seriously were awesome!
Friday the kids got to use grandpa's metal detector to see what fun things they could find in the yard. They're used to be an old tool shed on this part of the property and there definitely were treasures to be found! This was not even close to half of what they found. They had a blast!

Cute Doug and Lilly. We definitely enjoyed some nice daddy time while we were down there!
I got this skirt for Lilly right before we went down. She loved it and pretty much wore it the whole time we were there. Mable enjoyed plenty of grandma time. There was also a little bit of this - which was nice for mom and dad!
Friday night we drove up Maple Canyon. It's such an awesome canyon. The rock formations are incredible! Supposedly it's ranked in the top 10 places to rock climb in the world. It's pretty famous and really is spectacular.
We hiked around a little which was great for the kids. They had a great time.
Here's a random picture for the post. Lilly loves to play with the file folder games. Especially before bed. It makes such a giant mess and it's a pain for me to clean and reorganize all of them but she seriously loves them. She came up one morning looking like this. Apparently she had a great time with one of the letter matching games the night before.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sophia's latest and Thanks Stu!

The first week Doug took the girls to church by himself the church bags accidentally got left at home. Luckily he had paper in his binder and they stayed busy coloring. This is what Sophia drew. You may look at this and think she'd drawn herself a few times and maybe even Mabel. The 5 may stand for the number of people in our family now. That's what I thought anyway. Doug informed me however that instead Sophia drew what she looked like at each age. She'll be 5 next month and I guess she hasn't drawn that one yet. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cute to see her as a baby, at 2, 3 and 4 years old. She has quite the imagination! I also love all the W's behind her name.

Also, big thanks to Stu and Hiromi for the cute outfit! She loves it and it's pretty close to fitting. Thanks again!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny Videos

In case you haven't seen these yet...they're both pretty good.

Barrel of Monkeys

Our house has been taken over by monkeys!

Thanks to my sister Melissa for the awesome matching jammies! They all loved them and slept great in them last night! Mabel only woke up once! She may have to wear them every night.

So comfy!
Also thanks to my other sista Liza for passing the monkey outfit along. She loves it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Daddy in the World!

Our daddy is the best because he helps us pick our first garden produce!

He lets us have then entire candy bar (she didn't really eat the whole thing but she probably would have). He swims in our hot tub with us (soakin' it up with his soul mates).

And he makes tie-dyed shirts with us.
The finished product.
Don't we look cute (and cool)!
We love our daddy! It was so cun to spend a few days with him. He's the best!
And now for a little fun with Mabel.
My awesome sister-in-law Tonya took my kids for a few days. It was so nice to just have one child! She was really good to them and they had a blast! They went to the aquarium and they each got a stuffed animal. Sophia was nice enough to share her seahorse with Mabel.
It may be hard to believe but there is actually a baby in this bassinet along with all the other fun things her sisters have given her to play with while she sleeps.
I love that Sophia tied the balloon around her little hand. Good thing she didn't take off!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The First Few Days

Get ready for picture overload!

Here's a look back at Mabel's first few days. Here we are the night before doing fireworks at Doug's parents house. We stayed there since we had to be to the hospital at 5 am the next morning and they're only a few minutes away. It was very nice and convenient. Thanks again!
Ready to pop!

Here she is all brand new!
Getting ready to take her out to the nursery.
Sophia and Lilly's first look.
First time mom got to hold her.
Mabel with Dad. We took these pictures right after they brought her to me. It was really nice to have a few minutes with her and just the two of us. It was very peaceful and fun for the two of us to enjoy her together for awhile.
Here's shots of people who came to see us at the hospital. James and Tiffany came equipped with JCW's and smoothies! They're the best!
Aunt Kimber and Gracie
Grandpa Miller
Uncle Dylan
Brian, Katie and Kids
Grandpa and Grandma Wilkins
Great Grandma Ivins
Uncle Jeffy and Aunt Lexie
Uncle Jason
Grandpa and Grandma Miller
Mabel hanging out in the good old hospital cradles. Thanks again for the awesome blanket Tiffany!
Here's the beautiful bouquets she received from my parents and brothers.
And all her fun gifts! My friend Erin made the necklaces that are draped over the blanket on the right. She's amazing! On one of them she stamped Sophia Lilly and Mabel and on the other ones she put each of the girls' names. I love them!
Just home from the hospital.
Mabel in the coming home outfit our other kids have worn.
When we got home we decided to imitate a few of the shots they took in the hospital. I think Doug did a pretty good job.
This one is one of my favorites.
I love this one too. This is Mabel's charm that Erin made for her.
Lilly and Baby Navel
Sophia and Mabel. She seriously wants to hold her constantly and she does such a great job! Dad with his "M for Mabel" shirt.
It has been soooooo nice to have Doug home with us these past few days. Doug was just starting the Junior Core at BYU when Sophia was born and was gone from about 8 am - 11 pm every day. It was a nightmare! With Lilly, he was working and in the middle of finals and was not around much either. That was a nightmare as well. We were soooooo glad that he was able to take some time off for this one. It really has made all the difference and has been so nice! He's let the girls swim outside the past two days and they've loved it. He turned the baby hippo pool into a hot tub (he brought water from the tub and even boiled some on the stove - what a dad!) The girls loved lounging in the hot tub with their babies Dylan and Tonya gave them in the hospital (thanks again for all that stuff guys!)
This one is a little out of order but the flowers in some of her bouquets were ridiculous! They're so beautiful!
Today after the girls got home from church we took them outside to take a few picture with Mabel in her new home. Here she is giving me a big kiss (or maybe she was extra hungry?)
Me and my girls.
Sophia's close up.
Me and my girls again. It would seriously be a miracle if we could get a normal picture of Lilly. Mom and Mabel - I'm posting this as some motivation to really start exercising again in six weeks!
Lilly's close-up. I seriously love this child.
Congrats on making it to the end. Now I don't have to update for awhile. We're looking forward to a good week and the kids are excited to spend more time with cousins (thanks again Tonya!) Doug is going to head back to work this week so wish me luck! I'm actually not too worried. I probably should be and I probably will struggle more than I thought but I'm excited to just jump right into it. Hope you all have a great week!