Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Time

We had so much fun with family in town last week! I can't believe it's over. My sister Eliza was here with her 4 beautiful children and Melissa was here with one of her boys. It was so fun! One of the days we went bowling at BYU and then made a trip to the bookstore. Here we are after we got our candy fill at the bookstore. Here's Melissa's sweet Lucas enjoying the bowling.

Here's Lilly taking a turn. They had so much fun. Definitely something we need to do more often.We also still squeezed in an activity to keep up with the summer plan. This week was space week. We watched "Space Camp" (such a classic! I couldn't believe it had Joaquin Phoenix in it too! He was the most annoying kid in it when we'd watch it growing up), "The Jetsons" and I took the kids to see "Planet 51". Definitely DO NOT recommend that one. We also checked out some books from the library in addition to all the movie watching. We also made some fun planet collages.Here's a random picture but we also spotted this child in our house. I love how she cleans up incognito. She'd hate it if I knew she actually knew how to clean up!

Anyway, back to the fam. On Sunday we had a big Sunday dinner at my house to celebrate having the sistas in town. Mabel had so much fun playing with uncle Jason (as she always does).

Jason, Lucas and Mabel.
Me and Jason. He's my oldest brother. I love how he had to scrunch so low to be at my level!
My and my sistas! (and Kate)
Cute Kate. I love this girl so much! She is such a hoot! She seriously always kept us on our toes and always had us rolling on the ground with her hilarious antics! I didn't get a picture of it but if you ask her what the hippo does in "Madagascar" she turns around and puts her little bootie in the air and says "I like to move it move it". So funny. I seriously love her.
3 silly girls (sorry for cutting off your face Cakes!) Lilly and Kate were inseparable the whole time. I think it helps that they're both two cute blondies.


Nancy said...

Those are really cute pictures. I bet it was so fun having everyone together. I have to admit it's a little trippy to see you all together with so many new little additions. I just remember how things were like 10 year ago. Crazy, anyway... Glad you guys are doing good and I'm glad to see things are good with your sisters too! Tell them i said hello.

Emily said...

I love the Miller girls! Glad you all had a good time together!