Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Slip and Slide and Other Random Fun!

I'm not sure who took these first few pictures but I certainly don't remember taking them!Here's a little bit of what we've been doing with Mabel lately. Two piggies!I promise we really don't do much of this with her. Again, I'm not sure who took this one. Matching jammies! These jammies used to fit Lilly and Sophia and now they fit Lilly and Mabel. I love it. I seriously will never get tired of my kids in matching clothes.

Lilly and Mabel June 2011:Sophia (I can't get over her face!) and Lilly May 2008.She has also been good at getting really messy!Last weekend we put up the pools and slip and slide and had such a fun time! Unfortunately I didn't realize how bad the slip and slide is for grass and we have a big dead rectangle in the back now. Oh well!Here's the girls getting splashed by Daddy coming through! I love this flower child. Mabel had such a blast playing with the water. I really need to get her to a splash pad ASAP. She'd have a blast!Peek-A-Boo Mabes!She's definitely a water baby!

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