Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Overload!

Be prepared for a long post!  Sorry!  We had a great Christmas this year.  On Christmas Even we hung out at home and played games and then headed to Grandma Millers in the afternoon.  The kids got a little bit of sledding in.

 Frozen toys from Uncle Derik and Aunt Kim! 
Random shot of Lewis.  I love this outfit!  Love the little Santa bum!
 After some food and fun the girls got to open their Christmas jammies.
 We then came home and headed to bed.  Of course cookies were put out first!
 After a good nights sleep it was finally time to see if Santa came!
 Stair pictures
 It looks like he did come!
 Getting ready to see what he brought!
 I love pictures like these when they first see the gifts.  Wish it would have turned out a little better though...
 Stockings were filled!
 These next few are out of order.  Sorry.  A few of the fun cards we received
 some decor
 Lilly gave me this.  I love it!
 Presents were opened
 and toys were enjoyed.
 Sophia's stash
 Doug's stash
 My stash
 Lilly's stash
 Mabel's loot
 My mom gave my siblings and I this awesome book.  I love it!
 Doug's sister gave us these socks.  They're the best!
 Mabel got a few Snow White things which she loved!  Princess Lewis had fun trying on the crown.
 Sorry for the naked picture.  It was too good not to post.
 Lewis got a car! (and a few more from Grandma)
 and some paper!
 After we opened gifts we headed to Doug's brothers house for breakfast and more gifts.  His parents sent awesome Brazil shirts and the cutest umbrellas ever!  The women also got gorgeous bracelets and the men got soccer jerseys.
 Then we headed to my moms for a few more gifts.  Lewis got the best Santa boots!
My mom gave me our wedding announcement all framed.  I love it!  The cute Utah thing is from my sister and my other sister gave me the CUTEST necklace!
 After my moms we headed to my brothers for dinner and one final round of gift opening.  Then we came home and played with toys some more.  The girls and I all crowded on my bed for a game of La la Loopsy sorry and some snacks.
Overall it was a great day.  We felt so loved and spoiled and are so grateful for this time of year!

 This was taken a few days after Christmas.  Pretty much sums up how we've all been feeling since!
 Cute on of the Lewis.  You obviously can't see what the bib says that he's wearing but it says "Am I really related to these people!?"  My mom gave it to him for Christmas with another one that says "Destination Grandmas".
 And another one looking quite dapper on Sunday.
Yesterday we took the kids for a drive around the frozen Utah Lake.  It was a beautiful drive and pretty fun to see!
 Today we're hanging out in jammies getting ready to ring in the New Year.  Happy New Year everyone!

Pre Christmas Happenings

Here's a little bit of what went on before the actual big day arrived.  A few weeks before Christmas I went to a really fun craft class with my mom.  We made some pretty cute Christmas crafts.
 My mom also gave me this super cutest embroidered nativity set.  I love it!
 The Friday before Christmas I helped with Lilly's class party.  We did some fun things including pin the carrot on Olaf.
 One of the cute mom's went over the top and made these cutest reindeer sodas for all the kids.
The Saturday before Christmas my dad (and brothers) took the girl cousins that were in town to see a Snow White musical.  Snow White is Mabel's absolute favorite princess and she was in heaven! (Even if it may not look like it).  She also sang "Firework" which is Mabel's favorite pop song!
 Merry Christmas from our crazy crew!
 And a few of the outtakes.  I love Mabel's face in all of these.
 The Sunday before we had dinner at my parents and my awesome sister-in-law pulled out these cool candy making kits from Japan. They were awesome!  This one made some little gummy things.
 And these are mock octopus balls.
 The nativities at my mom's house were played with plenty.  Here the baby Jesus' are having a playdate.
 They were also babysat by Cinderella.
 Mabel and Erin playing with potato heads.  These 2 sure had a great time together!

 This face.  Seriously.
 This little guy also turned 7 months right before Christmas!