Monday, April 25, 2011

NY Trip - Final Post!

This post is going to be way out of order but I don't want to rearrange all the pictures so sorry!

Here's what we did our last few days there. My sister has the greatest house. I seriously love everything about it. She may kill me for posting this picture but one of the things I love the most is her basement. It's the best place to play! Especially on a cold Buffalo winter day. It has a shuffleboard game built into the tile. What more could you want?The kids also had fun with the pool table. Most people like to play pool on a pool table but it's also fun to practice earthquake drills on a pool table. She also has this awesome Florida room connected to their family room that goes straight into the backyard. Totally jealous of this also!

The girls had fun painting flowers for Jane and Kate's new bunk beds. Here's everyone getting ready for one last shot before my brother Stuart and his family left for the rest of their vacation to Pittsburgh.

Before they left we took a stop to East Aurora to visit the Fisher Price headquarters.

The girls had so much fun there and we came home with mermaid Dora (who swims in the tub) as well as Barbie (who swims in the tub - her skirt even doubles as one of those soap bath scrubber things - bonus!)

Here's me and my sister saying goodbye to Stu!

Me and sweet Karen posing for one last photo. I seriously love this 3 year old! She was so fun to be around. I was so impressed with her how well she speaks too. She's pretty much fluent in both Japanese and English and had no problems going between the two. It was quite impressive. She's so smart! I was playing blocks with her one day and she said "look! I made koshi!" (sorry if I spelled that wrong Stu). I asked her what that was and she said "you know. Koshi. Chair?" She's so cute!

We also took a quick stop to this cute 5 and dime store called "Vidlers". East Aurora is the cutest town ever! It was really big old cute homes and had such a cute small town feel to it. The main street was cobblestone too. It was so quaint. I loved it!

My sister also took my by this Frank Lloyd Wright house in Buffalo. I love his style!

We also ate out a lot and it was all worth it! She took me to this delicious dessert place called Butterwood. It was amazing! This is another random shot but my brother-in-law is an amazing woodworker and their house is full of things he's made (all of their beds - including the crib, dressers, bookcases, etc). He also made this bench and strawberry tower they have in their backyard.

Mabel spent a lot of time in this spot with these fun toys! The day before we left we took all the kids to see "Hop". It was pretty fun and they all did pretty well. The last day we were there (our plane didn't leave until about 6 pm so we had plenty of time to kill!) we headed to the zoo and science museum. Their zoo was way fun and has a really cool rain forest exhibit that was home to this creepy bird. I was pretty sure he was going to peck my eyes out at any minute.

It also had this fun bridge that no one could get enough of.

I love this 3 year old too! So sweet.

Here's Sophia on a pig at the farm at the zoo.

After the zoo we went to the science museum. Unfortunately it was Spring Bread for the schools out there so it was way crowded. It was still pretty fun though. They had this awesome "Chronicles of Narnia" exhibit that had a bunch of stuff from the movie as well as things from C.S. Lewis' personal collection. Unfortunately they did not allow photography in the exhibit so I'll leave it up to your imagination. It was cool though.Here we are inside the museum. This was the main foyer area. It was a pretty cool building. Apparently it's a school as well. And that concludes our trip! If you made it through all of these you're amazing! Thanks again for the great time Liza and Co.! It was definitely a trip that will not be soon forgotten!

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