Thursday, August 25, 2011

The big 6!

A few days ago my baby girl turned six! I can't believe she's that old. We had a fun "Magic and Mystery" party last weekend to celebrate. She's been set on this theme for awhile and I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure how to tie the two together. I guess it worked out in the end though. Here's the invites we came up with:And the mysterious cake. And food:Complete with mystery cookies.
The little magician waiting for the guests to arrive.When everyone got there we had everyone put ribbons on magic wands I made previously. My mom had all this awesome magic wand stuff that she got from a friend so it worked out perfectly! I forgot to take a picture of them and now I can't find either of my girls' so you'll just have to imagine. It was a gold glitter letter (the first letter of the child's name) with a bunch of glitter and stars sewn between two clear vinyl stars. They were really fun to make and I think the kids liked them. After everyone got some food we all headed outside for a magic show. Sophia started things off by showing us a fun trick.Then Doug the magician continued to wow the kids with a fun show.After the show we opened presents
And then went on a mysterious scavenger hunt to find the party favor bags. We had taken obscure pictures of random things in our yard. We gave them the first picture which led to another location and so on. When they gathered all the pictures they put them together to reveal a big picture of where the items were hidden (the bathtub). It was pretty fun! Thinking of where the next picture could be hidden.Putting all the pieces together.Overall, judging by this picture, I think it was a successful party.One of her friends gave her this sweetest note with their present. I wish I knew who gave it to her! I love the accent over the e in her name.On her actual birthday she got to celebrate the big day at school! Her teacher gave her this fun poster to fill out about herself. I love how she wrote her name. She did a snake for the S, an octopus for the O, a pig for the P, a hat for the H, an inch worm climbing a tree for the I and an e coming out of an egg shell for the E. Love her imagination. She also insists by being known as "Sophie" and not "Sophia" in her classroom. I love her independence. Her teacher also taught the class the cutest Happy Birthday song complete with twirling around and cha cha cha's. The best though was after the last "Happy birthday to you" when the whole class screamed out "BYU!" I loved it!After school we had tacos for dinner (at her request) and birthday donuts. We had a bunch of family down on Sunday which included more cake and celebrating so we were a little caked out. Donuts were a good alternative. Happy Birthday sweet Sophia (I mean Sophie)! We love you!

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Lauren said...

That party was so fun and creative! You always do a great job. Ella just filled out the same poster sheet for her little preschool class. Too cute!