Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun with Cousins and Such

We were so lucky to have some of our cousins stick around Utah after our reunion in July. The little sweetie on the left had a birthday last week and we all celebrated in style.It was a luau party and it was so fun! We were all greeted with lei's and wonderful Hawaiian music. Her mom ordered the cutest cake ever from the most delicious bakery! I love the hula girls on the side.My SIL put those small glass pebbles in the bottom of the pool and the trick was that you had to pick them up with your toes. The kids loved it!Here's Mabes with my brother Derik (the birthday girls' dad). Apparently I caught him mid-sentence. Sorry about that Bud. The girls also got to play with cousins for a little bit at Grandma's house yesterday. They of course made sure to do their favorite thing which was feeding their neighbor's goat Blackie. We also attempted to get a shot of all 6 girls! I seriously can not get enough of that sweet Bubs and her awesome poses. This shot really is not much better. It was seriously a challenge.We finally gave up and asked them to all make a funny face. For Lilly that meant to still keep your face down.Last week Doug went to Youth Conference. We missed him a lot and were more than happy to welcome him home! I love the sign Sophia made. Here's a close up of our family on one of the pages. I love our eye colors. I especially love that Lilly has yellow eyes.On this page she did some of Doug's favorite things which apparently includes laughing. She also did nothing but dinosaurs on one of the pages because I guess those are his favorite too.Today Sophia asked if we could play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I told her that if she could figure it out (because I'm an awesome lazy mom like that) they could play. I love what she came up with! She even drew and cut out individual tails. Finally, my mom found the CUTEST Halloween countdown calendar pattern that we just had to make. She was very very nice and kind and supplied me with the fabric by this awesome local designer named Riley Blake. I made it though and it was really fun but took A LOT of time. I love it though and can't wait until October! Halloween is absolutely one of my favorite holidays and this just might be my favorite Halloween decor item!


Donace said...

Your calendar turned out so cute! You are an awesome mom. I can't believe how many fun things you did with your kids this summer. I feel like all I did was yell at mine all summer.

Jennifer Lyn said...

Ummmm, you are out of control! Didn't you just tell me about that the other day and you are already done!!!! I haven't even had time to go and get the fabric. I would use the excuse of having 3 kiddos but that doesn't work either. :) When I grow up I hope I can be like Joanna. :) And super fun summer activities. I love the theme weeks....maybe next summer.