Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 6 - Sea World!

Are you getting annoyed with these posts yet? Sorry for the abundance of photos and details but this is mainly for me and a future blog book.

Our first day in San Diego we headed to Sea World! It was a lot of fun. My kids were too chicken to take a picture with this guy but I wasn't!I thought it would be fun to include this one as well. This was when we went on our honeymoon 8 years ago! I haven't changed at all right?!The first thing we did was go to the Sesame Street 4D show. It was a pretty good one and we had fun getting wet.

Then we headed to Shamu's show. Here's the girls outside of Shamu's tank.
Waiting for the show to start. Can I tell you how nice it was to get a sunburn in January?! That never happens here!
During the show.We also went to the sea lion show which was pretty funny. Here's one of the sharks in the shark exhibit. This was probably one of my favorite parts.And we also went to the dolphin and bird show. It was definitely a lot better than I thought it'd be and my girls loved it! They had these awesome acrobats dressed like birds and high divers and everything. I wasn't expecting much so I was impressed.Here's Lilly at one of the tanks. This picture was crazy because even though you can't see Lilly's face very well her reflection makes it look like she's in the tank. Kind of crazy.Two cute girls with the fish.We also took a ride on the sky coaster thing. Doesn't Doug look so excited?! It was nice that it wasn't very crowded but it also meant that a lot of the rides were closed so this was about the only thing that was open. It was pretty cool though to see a 360 view of the city.They also had a super fun Sesame Street play area. Here we are on Elmo's Flying Fish. And Lilly got to meet these two! She was super excited!We also got to ride on the sea stars. It was pretty much like the tea cups at Disneyland but I thought they went a ton faster. Here's cute Carson and Lilly. I just love these kids! And Sophia and Bridger. All she wanted to do at Disneyland was ride the teacups with him. It didn't happen and she was a little bummed so we were so excited when we saw these and they got to ride together. They had a blast.Overall it was a successful fun day at Sea World!

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