Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the Year

We had a fun time last night celebrating the New Year at my mom's house. She had a ton of fun Chinese New Year stuff for the girls to play with like these awesome sparkly dragon stickers. She also had these really fun dragon crowns for them to color.
Mabel got to take part in the coloring too and loved it!This cute princess was ready to party!The delicious spread. My mom always puts out the yummiest food! It was so good! Can you go wrong with bacon wrapped shrimp and pineapple though?Here's me and Lilly getting ready for the countdown (at 10 pm).Sophia was nervous about all the poppers so she kept plugging her ears. Here's Jeffy letting off a popper.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I know this is a weird picture but it's the sign of a good party. Remnants of sparkling cider and poppers. Thanks for the fun time Mom and Dad!

Here's a random video of Sophia and her Mega Block car wash that she built this morning. I must say I was quite impressed!

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