Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 2 - CA Adventure

On Monday we left bright and early and headed to CA adventure. We hurried and snapped a picture with Sophia and the Mickey flowers (from a distance) before we went in the park. Here we are getting ready to go in!When we first got there all the rides weren't open yet. Soaring over CA was though. It was definitely a good first ride. We loved it! Lilly wasn't tall enough to ride though and she was pretty bummed. She was just under the limit and I couldn't believe they wouldn't let her on. I was bummed too though because I was pretty sure it meant that she wouldn't be able to ride anything the whole time. The next day we put taller shoes are her and she was tall enough to go on everything. We took her back to Soaring again so that she could do that one. It was definitely the time of year to go too! We pretty much walked on to every ride and got to do a few of them multiple times. Here we are getting ready to see Muppet's in 3D. It was a pretty fun show.And here's Sophia with her bug eyes to see Bug's Life. This one was a little scary. My kids were not fans.Here's the girls with Grandpa and Grandma on Heimlich riding through Bug's life.
This was a pretty fun ride in the Bug's life area too. I thought the little cars were way cute.Mabel was not as impressed though.Here's Lilly with Mickey on Paradise Pier. So cute.Here we are enjoying a quick Coke float before hitting more rides!One of the fun things we discovered was this building that had cool things in it like Turtle Talk with Crush and an animators studio. You got to sit in here with a real animator and draw one of the Disney characters. Here's Sophia getting ready to draw.During this session they just so happened to be drawing Pluto. Here's how Doug's turned out. I unfortunately had to leave before it was over because Mabel decided it would be fun to pass out after she got upset because I wouldn't let her draw on Sophia's paper.That night we went to Boudin's bakery on Paradise Pier for some yummy soup bowls for dinner. The girls also got to enjoy this yummy Mickey cookie.After dinner we headed over to watch the World of Color water and light show. It was amazing! I couldn't believe all they could do with water and lights. It was seriously awesome. Here's the pier before the show began.During the show they would project images from Disney movies on the fountains of water. It was seriously incredible.Here's a scene from Pocahontas.

The Pirates scenes were pretty cool but I forgot to record them. If you want to know what that looked like you can see it here. Mabel however was not so much impressed with the show. It may have had something to do with the fact that it started after 8:00 (9:00 UT time) or that we dragged her around the park all day and didn't take her back to the hotel for a nap. I dunno.After the show we called it a day and headed back for the hotel.

Here's a little bit of the magic of Disney. I took this picture as we were leaving the park that night around 9 pm. When we came back the next morning at 8 am the sign was totally gone. Seriously there was not a hint of it anywhere. It was crazy! For a minute I thought I had dreamed it was there. Here's a little video of Mabel after we got back to the hotel. She was so exhausted! We were totally cracking up at how she would still do her Mabel dance even though she was so tired/sleeping! What a silly baby!


The Favorite said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF IT!! That dance is really funny. :)

Lauren said...

It's so amazing how you can have a different experience every time you go to Disneyland. There is just so much to do! We didn't do anything you talked about and it makes me want to go again! So fun!