Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 4 - More Disney/CA Adventure

For our final day in Disney we decided to hit up rides we missed or ones we wanted to do again in both parks. Here we are on Main Street getting ready to start the day.And again folks, this is the magic of Disney. This is the exact spot where the Christmas tree was the night before. Seriously, not more that 10 hours before this picture was taken there was a 60 foot tree in it's spot. Crazy!

They even planted new sod and flowers and everything! There are definitely secret fairies behind the scenes.

Since the park was totally dead that morning we headed straight for my favorite ride Big

Thunder Mountain (side note - bummer of the trip was that Matterhorn and the Haunted Mansion were closed. At lease Space Mountain was open though!) While Doug and I took turns with Sophia on Big Thunder Mountain the other girls got to meet these two.

They both were not so much impressed with Jesse. And this is Mabel's way of saying "No thanks Woody. Why don't you keep your distance."

Here's Doug and Sophia on the ride. They're kind of in the middle.

After that we headed back to Fantasyland to meet Tangled! It was so fun to meet her and she was so cute. She asked Sophia what she liked to do for fun and Sophia told her ride bikes. Rapunzel asked if it was fun and if it was something she could do with 70 feet of hair. Pretty cute.Then we headed up to Toon Town. Here's Lilly playing Mickey's piano
And the girls at Toon Town.

Then we headed up to the Fantasy Faire to meet the Princesses. So I guess the way that they do it is that they have 3 princesses there a the same time and they switch every 45 min. The thing is they don't tell you who's there or who will be up next. Lilly was really dying to meet Cinderella but when we go there we found out it was Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine. We were ok with that but sad Cinderella wasn't there. Lilly suddenly had to use the bathroom so we left for a minute and got back in the 30 min line again. It worked out perfectly because they stopped the group right before us so that they could switch out the princesses. When we finally got in we got to meet Belle,

And Cinderella! We were so excited! Lilly was seriously speechless. It was so cute. She was super sweet to her too. Right after I took this picture Cinderella gave her the biggest hug! I was so sad that I missed snapping a photo of it. It was a sweet moment that I guess will have to live in my head.

And nothing says princess like eating a giant turkey leg! I can totally pull off the whole graceful thing right? After that we headed back to CA Adventure so that Lilly could finally ride Soaring over CA. I'm so glad I took her back because she loved it! After we got off she said "That was incredible! Sophia said that it would be fun and it was!" Doug and I also took advantage of our fast passes and did CA Screaming one more time (we thought about doing the Tower of Terror again but once was enough. It was pretty fun though). We seriously have to thank Doug's sister Leda for sitting with our kids so much! She's pregnant (hooray!) and so she really couldn't go on anything. It worked out though because her husband really wanted to ride everything so we were able to go with him. Here's our "screaming" picture. When we were looking at this there was another one up of a guy reading the comic book on a ride. It was hilarious. I wish I would have thought to take a picture.

After that ride we rode the carousel a few more times and then Lilly and Mabel were ready to go home. Sophia and I stayed a little longer to enjoy the park a little more. We did Goofy's Pilot School (kind of like the Wild Mouse at Lagoon) and the swings a few times. Here we are on the swings. This was probably one of Sophia's favorite rides. She would have done it again and again.We also rode the jellyfish a few more times and at one point we were the only people on the ride. It was awesome. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. It was so fun to just be alone with Sophia and watch the joy and magic in her eyes.

Before we left we told the girls that they could earn some money if they were good in the car and that they could buy something before we left Disneyland. My awesome brother also secretly slipped us some cash before we left so we told them they could get something from Uncle Jason too. Here they are with what they picked. Sophia got the Tangled doll and Lilly picked Tinkerbell. Doug said when Sophia went to take her doll out of the box she said "Is this a dream?" Doug assured her that it wasn't and she said "oh good. Because I really want this moment to be real." I thought that was pretty sweet.I love that they tucked their dolls in with them at night. Those eyes are a little creepy at night though.


Melissa said...

Wow!!I love reading all your posts- sorry I didn't post on everyone. Thanks for sharing all the stories and the pictures!! I want to go to Disneyland with your girls- they sounds so sweet. When we went (when I was pregnant with Josh-no kids!) a lot of the rides were closed too like the Matterhorn and Splash Mountain. But I probably wouldn't have rode them anyway. I'm so glad you had fun and that the girls loved it and that it was not a dream!

The Favorite said...

That whole trip is a dream!!!
I love the princess pictures and that's so sad that some rides were closed.
Fun Fun Times!!