Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Earlyversary

Even though our Anniversary isn't until next weekend we decided to celebrate a week early to avoid all the craziness associated with Thanksgiving. We picked up Sophia from school, dropped Mabel off in American Fork (thanks again to Mom and Dad Wilkins) and then headed to Salt Lake. Sophia and Lilly made us this beautiful heart to help share the anniversary love.We dropped the girls off at my brothers (thanks again Jeff and Lexie! You guys are the best!) and then headed to this place.We've never stayed here before but it was really fun. We hope to be back again someday and may even bring our kids with us. We totally loved how big the rooms were. It seemed so spacious and was very comfortable. The breakfast buffet was completely worth it as well!

I love this guy!
After checking in we went out for some good eats in Salt Lake. My brother told us about this place. Apparently it's been on this show. They're famous for their cheese steaks and they did not disappoint. So yummy! They also had this jalapeno sauce (it was kind of like a thin Jalapeno mayo or something) that was so good. Definitely a place we'll visit again.

Afterward we went and walked around the planetarium a little. It was pretty fun. We took a quick trip to Marsand the moon. No biggie. All in a days work.

After that we went for dessert at Gourmandise. I love this place! Oh so yum and so hard to choose what to get!We settled for a chocolate raspberry porcupine (love these!), a choux a la creme and a cannoli. They were all equally delicious.
This morning we went and walked around temple square a little and ended up at the Church History Museum. I'm so glad we went there. It was awesome! They had this really neat creche display too which was fun to see. This one was from Sweden. I totally loved all the detail and hand painting.
Sorry this is a really bad picture but this one was from Nigeria. I love how there was a lion (you can kind of see it on the right).And this one was from Mexico. It was awesome as well. They're really hard to see but it had Turkeys in it. We thought that was pretty cool.

The museum also had this really cool interactive Book of Mormon exhibit for kids. We will definitely be taking our kids back sometime soon.

Overall it was a wonderful (and very relaxing!) weekend. Thanks again to all you amazing people who watched our kids and happy 8 years Douglas!


Nancy said...

8 YEARS!! Happy Anniversary you guys. Gosh, time flies by so fast. I cant believe we are all turning 30. I think we need to get together sometime if you're game. I havent seen you guys in forever! Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa said...

Aw, glad you guys had fun! I think I went to prom there my freshman year- It looks familiar. And that is where Jena and Brooks Honeymooned- I recognized the red and pink rooms from their pictures. Those restaurants look amazing especially those desserts!! YUMERS!!